April 25-27th:   Teacher Training…please see Live Schedule for changes!

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   •  Drop In:  $15   •  One Week Intro:  $20 (for NEW students only)
10 Class Card:  $130   •  Monthly Unlimited:  $100
  6 month Auto-billing (requires 6 month commitment):  $90/mo
Private Sessions Available: $85/session
Cash, Check, MC/Visa accepted.

Class Descriptions

Hatha Basics:

A “no flow” yoga practice open to all levels, moving from one pose to another without vinyasa. Exploring repeated sequencing, focus on strengthening through balance, and increasing flexibility with steady stretching. Great for those newer to yoga or for those looking for a mellow practice!

Mixed Flow :

Our basic flow class open to all levels of experience, beginner to advanced. Whether a newer yogi, or a more seasoned practitioner, be prepared to work hard and have fun.

Sweaty Flow :

Be ready to move, flow, sweat and let go.  A ramped up version of our mixed flow class.  Having some yoga experience is recommended.

Yin Yoga :

The perfect compliment to your vinyasa practice. In yin yoga, passive floor postures are held for several minutes in order to create a positive and safe ‘stress’ on the deep layers of connective tissue in the body. Yin poses help to maintain healthy joints between the navel and knees, while restoring optimal energy flow in the body and preparing the mind for a deeper state of relaxation and meditation.

Kundalini Yoga: :

A traditional Kundalini Yoga class consists of postures, pranayam, mudras, mantra, and meditation. The kriyas, or ‘set of actions’, are scientifically designed to strengthen and stimulate the nerves, digestion, circulation, glands, and brain. Balancing and restoring health to the chakras, or ‘energy centers’, is also a major focus, as well as enhancing the projection and beauty of the aura.

Kundalini Yoga & Meditation is a process of deepening our connection to our True Self. It is an ancient science and technology often referred to as the “yoga of awareness”. It is a practice that aligns our bodies and minds with our Higher Self, standing for the wellness of all living beings, so that we are destined to experience the happiness and fulfillment which is our birthright.

The term, ‘Kundalini’, is derived from the sanskit word for ‘coiled’. It refers to the life force of energy that exists at the base of the spine. Every human on earth has this reservoir of energy, and there is now a resurgence of yogis that are experiencing a new vitality in their lives by practicing the art of awakening this coiled energy.


What to Expect

Expect to move and breathe smoothly from one pose to another and if needed to take breaks in resting poses.  The style and sequence will vary depending on the teacher, our online schedule shows the teacher for each class.  The space, which is kept warm, (around 80 degrees) is simple and beautiful with high ceilings, bamboo floors and a wall of large frosted windows.