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Moon Chant for Peace

Joining our voices and the power of our intention for peace.

INSTRUCTOR: Sherry Cassedyimg_1519

DATE: Sunday, October 30th

TIME: 7:30 – 8:30pm

COST: FREE & Please consider offering a donation for the SEVA Foundation

Drawing on the power of the New Moon, traveling with the Sun but hidden in the shadow, harkening a new beginning, a potent time for sowing seeds of deep intention.
During the New Moon, the tides are high, the veils are thinned and our consciousness is heightened.  We come together in this cauldron, creating a circle of intention, to chant out into the darkness ancient mantras of light, transformation, responsibility, and peace.
Sherry Cassedy will lead the circle in simple and ancient chants, as we join our voices, our breath, and our intention for peace and justice for all beings.  We will close with meditation.

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Sutra Monthly

The Yoga of Politics1622670_977375748943958_2434254684924742610_n

INSTRUCTOR: Sherry Cassedy

DATE: Monday, November 7th

TIME: 7:30 – 8:30pm


What does Yoga have to offer in times of political turmoil and divisiveness? How can we understand our worldly suffering and divisions in a broader context?  And how might we approach those with whom we have great political or philosophical differences?
On the Eve of the 2016 Presidential Election, join us for an exploration of the Mangala Mantra and Yoga Sutra as they apply to worldly leadership and politics.  Many of us are struggling with our own personal reactions to the political figures and their supporters in our communities.  We will attempt to pierce through to the deeper truths and lessons in this political firestorm, in a holistic, non-political manner. 
Sherry Cassedy offers this reflective practice, and will lead the discussion integrating the deeper teachings of Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras with our daily lives, bringing the teachings home to our embodied experience.

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Kundalini Yoga: Re-Birthing

INSTRUCTOR: Naomi Charanpal Kaurcharanpal aura - blog photo

MUSICAL GUEST: Ghansham Singh

DATE: Fridays: Nov. 11th & Dec. 9th

TIME: 7:30pm

COST: Regular Class Pricing + $5-10 for the musician

“The mind has a collection of dramas. The moment you live a complicated life or make it complicated, you are causing pain, trouble, misery. Comply with the simple law: Simple I am, and life is life, simple.” Yogi Bhajan
In this deeply meditative class, you will experience a Rebirthing kriya, as originally taught by Yogi Bhajan, that releases deep-seated, subconscious patterns. This Rebirthing series is open to anyone desiring to cleanse the accumulation of reactive responses developed in formative years that have become stored in the sub- and unconscious minds. Participants leave feelings renewed and restored with a greater sense of inner peace and balance in their psyche.
Naomi Charanpal Kaur, M.A., certified by the Kundalini Research Institute, and E-RYT 500 through Yoga Alliance, is an intuitive counselor with a master’s degree in Spiritual Psychology. Together with her husband, Ghansham Singh, they provide live music and sound healing to heighten the extraordinary experience of the Rebirthing.
Please Bring $5-10 for the Musician
Beginners Welcome!

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The Yoga of Relationship

Intimate Relationships as a Catalyst for Mindfulness, Self-Awareness & Connection

low poly background couples kissing

INSTRUCTOR: Melissa Fritchle

DATE: Monday, December 12th

TIME: 7:30 – 8:30pm


Ram Dass is attributed to once saying, “If you really want to look at love from the spiritual side, you can make your relationship your yoga, but it is the hardest yoga you will ever do.” And indeed, our close relationships can bring us face to face with intense expectations, vulnerabilities, and delusions about our self. Old patterns, often unconscious, can keep us going in painful loops with those we love.

Like our yoga practice, intimate relationships require us to show up, again and again, sometimes joyfully, sometimes not so much. They ask us to listen to our Self, and sort out the external noise so that we can be with our Self and another honestly. They ask us to be flexible and work our edges, while still attending to genuine boundaries so that we don’t push our self into injury. In this talk, Melissa will offer ways to bring your mindfulness skills to your relationship and calm the grasping mind to invite deep connection with another.


Melissa Fritchle has a private practice in Santa Cruz and tries to find time each day to move and to be still, both of which are necessary for her mental health. She is a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist (CA LMFT#48627), Sex Therapist and Educator with a degree in Holistic Counseling Psychology. She is the author of The Conscious Sexual Self Workbook and its related blog and writes about love and relationships for Psyched in San Francisco.


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Ignited Women

A Wise Workshop for Mid-Life Women

INSTRUCTOR: Beth Nelsonslideshow-earth

DATE: Saturday, January 28th

TIME: 1:00 – 4:00pm

COST: $40 in advance / $45 at the door

Reclaim your wise, sensual, bold soul in midlife and beyond!

It is a deep time of transition as we grow into mid-life. Isn’t it time to step deeper into your radiant, authentic, sensual midlife essence?

In this workshop you will experience:

* A gentle, nourishing yoga practice and meditation to strengthen your connection to yourself and your body

* Inspired and stimulating writing and group sharing exercises designed to uncover what’s most important to you as a mid-life woman

* An introduction on how to create goals with soul based on how you want to feel in various parts of your life

* Discussion of the myths and realities of mid-life transitions for women

Let’s get REAL, be PROVACATIVE and reclaim our significance and value through deep inner work and reawakening into our physical bodies.

The world needs you to show up fully- to let your gifts shine forth. It’s time to LET GO of what others think and embrace who you are meant to be in mid-life and beyond.





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