We often have wonderful guest teachers and special events at PPY.  Please SCROLL DOWN to see what’s on the horizon!  Reserving a spot in advance is recommended. 48 hours notice is required to cancel for a refund.

Finding Your Flow

A Beginner’s Series

INSTRUCTOR: Ashlea Hartz, N.C., RYT12718231_10153873288765180_2742606247320295166_n

DATES: Sundays –

March 12th, 19th, 26th

TIME: 4:30 – 5:30pm

COST: Regular Class Pricing

This beginner yoga series is a deep and thoughtful introduction to Yoga as we explore the art of asana. Following the Vinyasa Yoga tradition, we will study the connection of body and breath that allows the practitioner to flow from one posture to the next with steadiness and ease. This series gives new students and anyone looking to refine their practice a chance to learn yoga fundamentals from classic breathing techniques to proper alignment of the basic postures.

After this series you will feel more confident in your poses, have a new understanding of Yoga philosophy, and be ready to jump into our on going weekly classes.

Each workshop is open to anyone and everyone. No previous yoga experience (or flexibility) required.

Tip of the Week – Tree Pose

When you think about a tree in nature, it is easy to see that the roots are what give it a strong foundation to grow. The same can be said when working into your Tree Pose on the yoga mat. Start with the standing leg rooting down through the four corners of your foot, but try to avoid gripping in your toes. Then lift up through your arch, which will cause your foot and ankle to wiggle and wobble the first few times as you build strength in the stabilizing muscles (which are often weak due to years of wearing shoes all day). Now what makes Tree pose unique, is that you will press your opposite leg into your inner thigh (or calf) and you need to press your inner thigh back into your foot to make a solid connection. Think of it like a suction cup and this will make the balance easier to maintain. Try to find that same feeling through all four corners of the foot on lifted leg connecting to the thigh in the same way the opposite foot is rooted into the earth. By starting with a strong foundation in the feet, you will grow your Tree Pose with confidence and ease.

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Beach Yoga at Sunny Cove

INSTRUCTOR: Delaney Puhek

DATE: Every Other Saturday, to begin 4/1

TIME: 9:30 – 10:45am

LOCATION: Sunny Cove Beach (at the end of 17th ave)

COST: Regular Class Pricing, please pre-register online, or bring $15 cash only!

How would you like to breathe in the beautiful salty ocean air, while balancing in the sinking grains of sand in vriksasana; to see the beautiful blue pacific every upward facing dog? Come join us for beach yoga every other Saturday morning. We will be among the elements for a beautiful practice uniting pranayama and asana; breath and body.
Bring a mat, a towel, some water, sunscreen and sunglasses! Parking can be tricky, give yourself plenty of time. Consider carpooling or riding your bike!

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RES-O-NANCE | Music, Movement & Mantra

Enriching of a musical tone by supplementary vibration

INSTRUCTOR: Kenny Graham


DATE: Saturday, March 25th

TIME: 5:00 – 7:30pm

COST: $30

Take a moment and imagine a song or a beat that lifts your spirit, and then weave that together with the movement and chants of yoga – and then you have an evening of Resonance.  

Join Kenny Graham and Kevin Craft (aka Craft Infinite) for an evening of yoga accompanied by live music, uplifting beats and heart strumming chants. Kenny and Kevin have crafted a journey that will leave you pulsating like a human boom box long after you walk out of the room. 
Community counts – all levels are welcome! Bring an open heart and a willingness to feel amazing. 

Kevin Craft – Kevin is a multi-instrumentalist, DJ and vocalist from Santa Cruz, CA. His music has been described as Psychedelic Hip Hop Soul, infused with classic beats, ethereal sounds and soulful lyrics. His focus is to bring his heart-centered music to the masses. For more information: visit Kevin’s website here

Kenny Graham –  Drawing on his 23 years of yoga study and experience, Kenny Graham teaches yoga in a way that is accessible, intelligent and inspiring. His classes are taught as “form and flow” which blends breath work, meditation, movement and music. He honors the fact that each body is unique, and that alignment is a personal journey. His teaching helps to free limiting mental patterns, lighten the heart and increase body awareness. For more information: visit Kenny’s website here


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An Evening of Music & Yoga

Johanna Beekman plays live for Mixed Flow & Yin Yoga

INSTRUCTOR: Emily Perry & Leslee Bassin

MUSICAL GUEST: Johanna Beekman

DATE: Thursday, April 13th

TIME: Mixed Flow at 5:30pm, Yin Yoga at 7:15pm

COST: Regular Class Pricing

Emily Perry leads the Mixed Flow class at 5:30 and Leslee Bassin guides the Yin practice at 7:15. Both will be accompanied by Johanna Beekman – providing live music and song as the soundtrack for your evening. Please, join us for one or both!


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Kundalini Yoga


INSTRUCTOR: Naomi Charanpal Kaur

MUSICAL GUEST: Ghansham Singh

DATE: Friday, April 14th

TIME: 7:30 – 9:00pm

COST: Regular Class Pricing + 5-10$ for musician

In this deeply meditative class, you will experience a Rebirthing kriya, as originally taught by Yogi Bhajan, that releases deep-seated, subconscious patterns. This Rebirthing series is open to anyone desiring to cleanse the accumulation of reactive responses developed in formative years that have become stored in the sub- and unconscious minds. Participants leave feelings renewed and restored with a greater sense of inner peace and balance in their psyche.
Naomi Charanpal Kaur, M.A., certified by the Kundalini Research Institute, and E-RYT 500 through Yoga Alliance, is an intuitive counselor with a master’s degree in Spiritual Psychology. Together with her husband, Ghansham Singh, they provide live music and sound healing to heighten the extraordinary experience of the Rebirthing.

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Johanna Beekman & friends perform live!

MUSICAL GUEST: Johanna Beekman

DATE: Sunday, April 16th

TIME: 8:00-9:30pm

COST: $25 in advance, $30 at the door

Celebrate the release of Johanna’s new album of relaxing lullaby chants, Beyond Love: Soothing Songs for the Soul. Girish will join on vocals and tabla, Joss Jaffe on bass, and Emily Perry on harmonium and vocals for this night of relaxing, meditative music.
ALSO, Johanna will accompany Katie Jacobson’s Yin class just prior to the CD release party, 6-7:15pm, Regular Class Pricing. Join us for both of these beautiful events!

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Finding Our Center

A Vinyasa Weekend with Rolf Gates

+ Being Still with Skill Meditation Workshop


DATE: Fri, Sat & Sun – 4/28-30

TIME: Fri- 7:30-9pm Sat & Sun 1-4pm

COST: Fri- Donation. Sat- $65. Sun- $65

FRIDAY- Being Still with Skill: The Power of Meditation Workshop 

Yoga is the cultivation of inner space and the ability to use it well. In this meditation workshop, Rolf will describe the opportunity presented to us in the teachings of the Buddha and Patanjali.  This experiential workshop will explore how these great contributions to consciousness weave beautifully together to enhance the quality of our daily lives.  This will be in lecture discussion form and guided meditation experience with support in beginning or building your own meditation practice.

SATURDAY & SUNDAY- Finding Our Center: A Vinyasa Weekend

“The pose is what we are doing; the yoga is how we are being in the pose.” RG

Join Rolf for a dynamic weekend of Vinyasa, meditation, pranyama and lecture/discussion as we explore the practices that create a life that works. Throughout this weekend, we will dive into the tools of yoga that allow us to stay connected to the truth of who we are as we practice new ways of being in the world.

The yoga will be a synergy of the freedom of a powerful Vinyasa class and the structural integrity of yoga’s therapeutic alignment principles.

This intensive is intentionally challenging, but open to all who wish to explore yoga as an evolutionary journey.  The only ‘requirement’ is that you show up, do your best and let your best be good enough.

The sessions are intended as a whole weekend workshop, but the sessions may be taken individually. All sessions will be based around aspects of Rolf Gates’ Meditations on Intention and Beings: Daily Reflections on the Path of Yoga, Mindfulness and Compassion.

Don’t miss this opportunity to study with Rolf Gates! 

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