~An Enchanted Evening of Yin~

with very special guest Girish

Girish 1INSTRUCTOR: Aimee Joy Nitzberg

DATE & TIME: Friday, October 3rd @ 7:30pm

COST: $25 in advance, $30 at the door

Autumn is the perfect season for shedding the old, turning inward for reflection and recharging by slowing down.  The sacred sounds of Girish playing live will saturate your soul with heart-opening, soothing, bhakti music.  A graceful sequence of yin poses designed to heal your bones and soothe the mind and body will allow you to unwind deeply.  It’s helpful to have experience in Yin yoga, as there will be minimal instruction and a lot of wonderful emptiness to enjoy your practice. Be prepared to float home~
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From Mat to Table:

East + West Approach to Wholesome Living

INSTRUCTORS: Ashlea Hartz & Katie Jacobson

TWO PART SERIES: Mondays – October 6 & 13 @ 7:30pm healthy food wkshp

COST: $20 each, or $35 for both with pre-registration

Part 1: Align With Nature:

As we transition from Summer to Fall, it is important to make specific diet and lifestyle changes to stay in harmony with the rhythms of nature. In this workshop, we will bring together Western Science and ancient Ayurvedic wisdom to explore the five-element system (Either, Air, Fire, Water, Earth). This system has long been established as the key to understanding how to nourish our bodies to their fullest potential. This class will bring these teachings to the modern dinner table by explaining how local, seasonal foods fulfill our nutritional needs to help us achieve balance in our body, mind and spirit.

Part 2: Optimize Digestion – Path to Emotional Freedom

More than 2,000 years ago, Hippocrates said, “All disease begins in the gut.” Traditional Ayurvedic medicine suggests that proper digestion is the cornerstone for health and vitality. Research over the past two decades now confirms this, as it reveals that gut health is critical to overall well being, and conversely, an unhealthy gut contributes to a wide range of disease. Join us to learn how to evaluate your digestive fire and how to heal the gut through diet and lifestyle.

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Support Systems: Yin & Yang

heidiINSTRUCTOR: Heidi Sormaz, Ph.D

DATE & TIME: Saturday, October 11th, 1-4pm

COST: $55 — $45 early bird before September 30th!

Contentment begins with the felt experience of being supported. When we spend time acknowledging three things: connection to spirit, connection to our community and the realization of our own abilities – we feel supported – we feel better.
This workshop explores the internal and external support systems available to us in our yoga practice. We’ll begin with a yang style of yoga, exploring what it feels like to actively create physical and mental support from the inside out. We’ll finish with Yin Yoga. We’ll learn to just be, realizing our natural ability to let go and be supported by the world around us.
About Heidi Sormaz, Ph.D, E-RYT 500:
Heidi is the founder and owner of Fresh Yoga in New Haven, Connecticut. A Forrest Yoga (FY) teacher and mentor, Heidi teaches the 200-hour FY Foundation teacher training, the Fresh Yoga 200-hour teacher training, and live-streams classes for Yoga Journal named her one of its “Next Generation of Yoga Teachers” and, in 2013, she was selected by the Great Courses to develop and present its first series of lectures on yoga, Yoga for a Healthy Mind and Body. Heidi is a former university psychology professor and author of Performing Under Pressure. Her classes are designed to help people develop a relationship with their body and mind that is comfortable even when life isn’t.

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Light the Fire! A practice of flow, balance, and bandha.

INSTRUCTOR: Gabriel Benjamin

DATE & TIME: Sunday, October 19th, 2-4:30pm

COST: $35 — $30 early bird before October 12th!

Bandhas, also known as locks, play an integral role in our yoga practice. Yet most of us are not fully aware of how to engage them, or which one to use for specific poses. With the proper application, these locks can take our asana and pranayama practice to the next level. In this workshop, Gabriel will highlight the key bandhas – their names, their locations, their purpose – as well as demonstrate safe and effective ways to activate their power! This will be a mixed level vinyasa flow with plenty of time for experiential learning.

Gabriel Benjamin is a second generation instructor in the TriYoga(R) Lineage and has been instructing since 2001. Gabriel holds five certifications in Yoga and Ayurveda and has been both a student and teacher at the Kerala Ayurveda Academy. His practices are known for being the perfect blend of challenging and relaxing leaving the students feeling educated, nourished, and balanced.

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