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Mender of Hearts : Healing the Anahata
Charanpal Kaur - cd art (photo by MSK)

Kundalini Yoga + Live Music & Gong Bath

INSTRUCTOR: Naomi Charanpal Kaur

MUSICAL GUEST: Ghansham Singh

DATE: Friday, October 9th

TIME: 7:30pm

COST: Regular Class Pricing

Please bring $5-10 for the musician

Inside the fourth chakra, the Anahata, is a deep and mysteriously beautiful sacred space that, when opened and awakened, can create the purest, most magical well of peaceful waters for your own healing and resolve.  The Anahata guides us to a more profound way of living, because it guides us to our own profound loving. What if I told you your own personal healing, no matter where you needed it… in your body, your mind, or your life, relied on the health of your own heart?  Would you look and listen and consider what your heart wants to tell you?  
In this workshop, you will be guided through a journey of self-discovery, awakening to the wisdom of your soul… your inner teacher and guide.  You will be guided to heal the places inside that hurt, and cultivate the courage to really listen to where in your heart you need resolve.  This is done through deep meditation and the ancient teachings of Kundalini Yoga as taught by Yogi Bhajan, along with the principles and practices of Spiritual Psychology.  
Beginner’s Welcome

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Sound & Space:

Sonic Flow & Musical Journey10552517_10152171750945887_1550322272206450420_n

INSTRUCTOR: Michelle Grambeau


DATE: Saturday, October 10th

TIME: 6:00-8:00pm

COST: $25 in advance / $30 day of

A deep sonic flow and live-music meditation with Michelle Grambeau and East Forest.  Through the art of intention, asana and breath a yogic journey is created to take you through expansive real world soundscapes, inspiring downtempo beats, angelic vocals and into the profound teachings of substance, sound and space.
East Forest’s synthesis of modern sound healing science and the essence of wild indigenous wisdom combine to form an unforgettable, reflective and blissful sonic experience.
Click here to watch the “East Forest” TED talk!

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Refining Adjustments


INSTRUCTOR: Gabriel Benjamin

DATE: Sunday, October 11th

TIME: 2-4pm

COST: $30 in advance / $40 day of

Come enjoy a brief flow practice to warm up and prepare to learn about receiving and giving refined asana adjustments. The afternoon will be filled with practical information and metaphoric concepts for making adjustments to both students and one’s own body – and in the mind as well. This program is recommended for teachers, serious students, yogis willing to be adjustment guinea pigs, and people who have sense of humor looking for a different type of yoga experience. We will finish full circle with pranayama and meditation.

Gabriel Benjamin is an advanced Hatha Flow Instructor with experience in yoga since childhood and a teaching pedigree that dates back to 2001. He is recognized as one who demonstrates and adjusts yoga asana with great clarity, and is equally skilled at both flow and alignment!



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Master Class

INSTRUCTOR: Aimee Joy Nitzberg

DATES: Saturdays: 10/17, 11/2810437655_1013219608692905_8286399358626313118_n

TIME: 12:00-1:45pm

COST: $20 drop in for everyone

What to expect: Beginning with a short pranayama and meditation to set intentions and raise awareness, especially in the heart center. Followed by Sun Salutations to activate the breath, focus the mind and warm up the body while sinking deeper into rhythmic Flow. We’ll play with static Hatha poses as well as breakdown a peak pose or two, before slowing down into deep, soft Yin hip openers and twists. Seated meditation followed by a luxurious savasana will allow you to leave your mat feeling energized, light, recharged and a deeper love for yourself and the practice of Yoga!
All Levels Welcome.


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A Special 3 hour Vinyasa Intensive


DATE: Sunday, October 25th

TIME: 2-5pm

COST: $50 in advance / $60 day of

Join Rolf for a dynamic 3hr session of asana, meditation, pranayama and lecture as we explore the complimentary practices of effortless creation and effortless present moment awareness in our lives. The yoga will be a synergy of the dynamic freedom of a powerful vinyasa class and the structural integrity of yoga’s therapeutic alignment principles. This workshop is based on Rolf’s upcoming book: Intention and Being: Daily Reflections on the Path of Yoga, Mindfulness and Compassion. The only requirement is that you show up…do your best and let your best be good enough.


Rolf Gates, author of tRolf_Gateshe acclaimed book on yogic philosophy, Meditations from the Mat: Daily Reflections on the Path of Yoga, conducts yoga workshops, retreats, teacher trainings, and coaching and mentorship programs throughout the U.S. and abroad–and online. Rolf is the co-founder of the Yoga, Meditation and Recovery Conference at the Esalen Institute in Big Sur, California and the Kripalu Center for Yoga  and Health in Lenox, Massachusetts and a teacher at Spirit Rock Insight Meditation Center in Northern CA.    A former addictions counselor and U.S. Army Airborne Ranger who has practiced meditation for over twenty-five years, Rolf brings his eclectic background to his practice and his teachings.




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Hanuman | Leap of Faith



DATES: Sunday, November 8th

TIME: 3:00-5:00pm

COST: $35 in advance / $45 day of

Against all odds and against his own sense of the impossibility of his task, Hanuman leapt all the way to Lanka to rescue Sita. Like Hanuman, we face trials and demands we think we can’t possibly accomplish or overcome, yet with the power of devotion, with a leap of faith, we can do things we never thought possible. In this workshop, we’ll test our limits, both on and off the mat, and see how a devoted and fearless heart can take us anywhere—even into hanumanasana.



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Finding Your Flow

The Art of Asana for Beginners

INSTRUCTOR: Ashlea Hartz

DATE: 6 Consecutive Mondays: 10/5-11/9

TIME: 7:30-8:30pm

COST: $75 for the series, or $15 drop ins


This 6-Part yoga series is a deep and thoughtful introduction to Yoga as we explore the art of asana. Following the Vinyasa Yoga tradition, we study the connection of body and breath that allows the practitioner to flow from one posture to the next with steadiness and ease. This series gives new students and anyone looking to refine their practice a chance to learn yoga fundamentals from classic breathing techniques to proper alignment of the basic postures.

After this series you will feel more confident in your poses, have a new understanding of Yoga philosophy, and be ready to jump into our on-going weekly classes.

Each workshop is open to anyone and everyone.

No previous yoga experience (or flexibility) required.

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