We often have wonderful guest teachers and special events at PPY.  Please SCROLL DOWN to see what’s on the horizon!  Reserving a spot in advance is recommended. 48 hours notice is required to cancel for a refund.

Monday Night Kirtan

INSTRUCTOR: Emily Perry & Friends

DATE: 3rd Monday of every month

TIME: 7:30 – 9:30pm

COST: $10-20 Suggested Donation (no one turned away for lack of funds)

Join us monthly for this call & response chanting from the Bhakti Yoga Tradition – a joyful practice of devotion.

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Grateful Flows

Thanksgiving Offerings at PPY

INSTRUCTORS: Aimee Joy Nitzberg & Kayla Copeland

DATE: Thursday, November 23rd

TIME: 8am & 10am

COST: $20 donation.

100% to be donated to 2nd Harvest Food Bank

Let’s lift our hearts

Tune our awareness to the quiet, still voice deep inside

Quiet all other thoughts

And hear your heart beat with Gratitude

Join Kayla Copeland and Aimee Joy Nitzberg for 2 Grateful Flows this Thanksgiving at Pleasure Point Yoga! Classes are open to all levels and pre-registration is highly recommended. As we offer our practice and prayers out into the world, we also to take pause to say thank you for every wonderful blessing we receive each and every day. It feels good to be grateful and it’s awesome to be in a room full of other grateful hearts. We live in an amazing community in Santa Cruz, let’s get together to celebrate plus these classes will be fundraisers for 2nd Harvest Food Bank, in order to give back to people who really need it in our very own community!

Kayla and Aimee Joy are both so excited to volunteer their teachings on this special day and PPY will donate 100% of proceeds to 2nd Harvest Food Bank.  Together, we can make a difference!

Kayla leads 8 – 9:15am

Aimee Joy leads 10 – 11:15am

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Gratitude Yin + Live Music

INSTRUCTOR: Katie Jacobson

GUEST MUSICIAN: Smokey Sparrow (Tasha Zigerelli)

DATE: Sunday, November 26th

TIME: 6:00 – 7:15pm

COST: Regular Class Pricing +5-20$ for the musician & tea

Come drop into stillness and drink up the delicious nourishment of this special class guided by the sacred sounds of Smokey Sparrow.

Yin yoga uses passive floor postures, held for several minutes, to unwind tension, reduce stress, cleanse the channels, and restore the natural flow of energy. We will cultivate and embody the receptive, lunar (yin) energy to replenish the body, calm the mind, and return to the fullness of the Heart.

Practice this art of slowing down and tune in to the Divine sounds, both within and all around. Join us on this journey though yoga + sound healing – finishing with handcrafted herbal tea (custom blends by Tasha – The Tea Tree Herb Co.)

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Satsang, weekly

INSTRUCTOR: Sherry Cassedy

DATE: Every Monday

TIME: 7:30 – 8:30am

COST: Free and open to all!


Pleasure Point Yoga’s Monday morning Satsang is a unique (and free) opportunity to delve deeper into the esoteric teachings of Yoga in the company of one another. It is a great introduction for anyone who is curious to learn more, and an open invitation to revisit and share in the supported space of the Sangha as we deepen our practice.

We are currently finishing a review of Book One (through I.34) to integrate and will be diving back into Book Two in early November. it is a great time for newcomers. Sherry Cassedy will be leading through November 20, and then Aerielle Webber will lead through December 18. Join us.

“Satsang” is a Sanskrit word derived from “sat”, meaning truth, and “sanga”, meaning community. In Satsang, we gather together, in community to seek truth or, more simply, to be with the truth. We create the space with chanting, light, and intention, gentle rituals that help us to dedicate this hour to our study and practice and to one another.

Kundalini Yoga

The Re-birthing Series

INSTRUCTOR: Naomi Charanpal Kaur

GUEST MUSICIAN: Ghansham Singh

DATE: 2nd Friday of each month (Next: December 8th)

TIME: 7:15 – 8:45pm

COST: Regular Class Pricing +5-10$ for the musician

In this deeply meditative class, you will experience a Rebirthing Kriya that releases deep-seated, subconscious patterns. This series is open to anyone with a desire to cleanse the accumulation of reactive responses developed in formative years that have become stored in the sub- and unconscious minds.

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Restorative Yoga & Essential Oils


DATE: Saturday, December 30th

TIME: 3:00 – 5:00pm

COST: $25

Release deep layers of tension, & align with your inner wisdom as you experience restorative yoga and mantra designed to connect you to the light emerging from within. As part of the workshop, experience an essential oil sequence designed to deepen your journey within.

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The Pulse Within

10 hour Yoga Immersion & Workshop

INSTRUCTOR: Emily Perry & Josh Schrei

DATE: January 26th-28th, 2018

TIME: Friday: 7-9pm. Saturday & Sunday: 1-5pm.

COST: $185 for the weekend or $25 Friday, $80 Saturday, $80 Sunday

Deepening Our Meditation, Pranayama, & Asana Practice Through Understanding Vibration

This weekend immersion explores & celebrates the profoundly beautiful Indian teachings on vibration. We’ll delve into how they relate to our āsana & meditation practices, & our lives off the mat. Our time together will include asana, breathwork, meditation, chanting, singing, listening, & satsang.

For centuries, Indian tradition has recognized and expounded upon the fundamental truth: that everything is vibration. Over many years the examination of vibration not simply as a phenomenon but as a vehicle through which the human being can experience connection to the deeper pulse and rhythm of life and nature was refined and transmitted. This celebration of the vibrational power of the cosmos reaches its zenith in the Tantras, whose texts and practices are primarily concerned with how to experience, harmonize with and connect to vibration.

This vibration they call Spanda; in the Tantras, vibration is consciousness, it is the pulse of breath, and it is the way to the heart. In āsana, vibration manifests as the pulse that inherently exists within ‘static’ poses that opens, strengthens, and connects us to center. In meditation, vibration is the calm and tranquil mind. Silence itself is a vibration.

​ ​

Join Josh & Emily for this powerful immersion.

Friday, Jan 26th: 7-9 pm Satsang, Mantra, and Slideshow

Saturday, Jan 27th: 1-5 pm: Pulse of the Breath: asana, meditation, pranayama, chanting, & discussion

Sunday, Jan 28th: 1-5 pm: Synchronizing Inner and Outer Rhythms: asana, meditation, pranayama, chanting, & discussion

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