We often have wonderful guest teachers and special events at PPY.  Please SCROLL DOWN to see what’s on the horizon!  Reserving a spot in advance is recommended. 48 hours notice is required to cancel for a refund.

Anatomy of Emotion

INSTRUCTOR: Mark Haviland

DATE: Saturday, February 6th

TIME: 12:00-6:00pm

COST: $150

This workshop is a powerful, interactive exploration of the body – your body and the vast universe of emotions within each and every one of us.  Feelings buried alive never die and when feelings aren’t felt and honored they get stuck in the body.  This “stuck-ness” can turn into aches and pains and then if not dealt with can manifest into serious illness.  All the information will be presented in an easy and digestible fashion with humor and relevance.  Anyone is welcome to attend and no prior experience is needed – all you need is a body!


This half day workshop will include:  
*Dynamic lecture and group exploration of The Chinese Five Element Theory and how it bridges the physical, emotional, psychological and spiritual dimensions of being human.
*Interactive,hands-on exercises to deepen and broaden ones self knowledge and wisdom of the body.
*Meridian—Muscle—Emotion connections and the spiritual qualities embedded within these connections.
*Self Care Techniques:  Stretching, Qi Gong and Self Massage and Partner Massage.
*Meeting the Shadow: an introspective investigation and inquiry into the parts of us that have been left behind. Learn techniques that can turn this disintegrated part of us into a very powerful ally.
*Transformational Bodywork Demonstrations:  Mark will be taking volunteers to show first hand the profound bodywork he has learned from his teacher Dr. Fred Mitouer.   There will be about 3 or 4 demos of this powerful work to assist the participants in seeing that what is trapped in the tissues and lurking beneath the floor boards of ones daily consciousness. 
*All of the material presented can be easily woven into a daily yoga/spiritual practice.  The main pillar of intention at the core of this workshop is to peal away that which is not true: emotionally, psychologically, spiritually and physically. 

Mark will also be demonstrating Transformation Bodywork, which focuses on emotional and psychological trauma.  For more information please visit his website at

About Mark Haviland:
Over thirteen years ago Mark went through a near death experience that catapulted him into the depths of his own soul, the trenches of the human experience and a long expedition through the healing arts. Through his own healing crisis he learned several techniques and modalities while studying with many master teachers. Mark is now teaching with his mentor Dr. Fred Mitouer in Northern California, leading his own retreats and traveling the world to share his healing work. In addition, Mark just completed a 6 week, 7 city cross-country tour called The Soul Whisperer Project, making a documentary film about the healing work he has cultivated over the years. Watch some of the clips for the film here:
From these profound experiences, Mark is compelled to share his healing touch. He has years of practice accompanying people through their inner shadow realms and unconscious defense mechanisms.  By forging a relationship with ones inner saboteur and cultivating a bond with this usually elusive part of the human psyche, one can move forward through the world with their essential nature as their compass.  This sacred work produces unfettered behavior and continuity of purpose, both of which are powerful routers to navigate life.  Mark has an attuned touch, fiercely irreverent sense of humor and ease-full presence. He shares a unique freedom through his bodywork—evoking, activating and connecting people to their own souls and their true purpose.
Mark will be offering private sessions for the week of February 8/9/10/11. To take advantage of this opportunity, email his assistant Megan at
Visit for more information.

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Greatest Hits!

A Peak Pose Workshop

INSTRUCTOR: Gabriel Benjamin

DATE: Sunday, February 7th, 2016

TIME: 2-4:30pmgb

COST: $35 in advance, $45 day of

Come enjoy this flow practice of building to peak poses in inversions, arm balances, hip openers, and back bends!

Practice will be a fun and active flow with lots of intermediate options for those who love a challenge. We will practice enthusiastically to a playlist of everyone’s favorite uplifting classic rock and devotional music~

It will be a greatest hits practice for the spine, heart, and mind. Including a pranayama practice that will both expand your breath and leave you breathless :)

About Gabriel:
Has been teaching since 2001 and is equally skilled at leading students to new ability in all seven posture groups. Gabriel demonstrates and adjusts with clarity and grace and is a master of floating. Gabriel has a knack for making students laugh during the most challenging experiences and helps students to not take themselves too seriously, while being very focused on the practice. Gabriel is a second generation teacher and learned yoga early in life from his mother Martha Posey.
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The Miraculous

Kundalini Yoga & Chant Night for Deep Healing
Naomi Charanpal Promo Photo by Rina Winters

INSTRUCTOR: Naomi Charanpal Kaur

MUSICAL GUEST: Ghansham Singh

DATE: Friday, February 12th

TIME: 7:30pm

COST: Regular Class Pricing

Please bring $10-15 for the musician.

The ability to heal is innate in us all.  A healer is simply someone who has connected with the healing powers within themselves.  Healing is not something to be attained or achieved, it is a remembrance.  When we remember that our natural state of being is health and relaxation, we return to that natural state.  
In this potent and experientially-rich Kundalini yoga class, we will dive deep into the soothing realms of the blue healing ethers, connecting with celestial beings and bodies of light to transcend together into a space of deep peace.  
Featuring live music and gong bath by Ghansham Singh
Beginners Welcome

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Master Class


An extra long & extra sweet flow

INSTRUCTOR: Aimee Joy Nitzberg

DATE: Saturday, February 20th

TIME: 4:00-5:45pm

COST: $20

Join us for an early evening Master Class with studio owner Aimee Joy! Hailing from the wintery mountains of Tahoe, she’s had a fresh perspective from which to reflect on her own practices of asana and meditation. Come spend some time with her and soak up the wisdom, love, and laughter.
Everyone is welcome!

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Fire Up and Fly


DATE: Saturday, March 26th

TIME: 1 – 3pm

COST: $33DSC_1424-2

Want to learn to use your abdominal muscles properly; truly finding freedom and strength in fun postures? Fearful of going upside down? Core stabilization improves your postural alignment, relieves low back pain and leaves you with an overall feeling of internal strength and confidence.

Join Dana for a playful workshop and exploration on our hands! This workshop is geared towards both beginners and seasoned flyers. We explore the foundation of arm balancing, the technicalities of leaving the ground on our hands and the buoyant mindset needed to maintain the balance. We’ll begin with Bakasana (Crow) and explore other poses such as Side Crow, Flying Pigeon, Grasshopper, Eka Pada Koundinyasana, Handstand, Headstand, Forearm Balance, Scorpion and many other variations.

Beginners will learn how to enter these poses, advanced practitioners will learn new entries and possibilities. Come with questions, playfulness and leave with a renewed outlook on what you THINK you can do and what you really CAN do!


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