Aimee Joy Nitzberg :

Co-Owner & Director :

I hope to inspire people to practice yoga consistently, to practice focusing on oneself, and to practice with joy.  Showing up to class takes discipline, dedication and courage and it gives us a chance to remember and tend to our true Self.  The world always seems a little brighter and more peaceful after a yoga class. My classes draw from the more classical systems of yoga that I’ve studied while weaving new inspiration and ever-evolving styles into the mix.

In 2000, I attended my first teacher training in Los Angeles with Bikram Choudhury. My first yoga studio opened in 2001 in Burlington, VT and years later I returned to my hometown of Santa Cruz to open Village Yoga’s downtown location. Throughout the years, I practiced often with Richard Freeman of Yoga Workshop in Boulder, Colorado and Sri Dharma Mittra of Dharma Yoga Center, New York, including formal teacher trainings with both. David Swenson and Meghan Currie inspire me in totally different, but equal ways.  Ram Dass and Krishna Das are my heroes, and I adore Shunryu Suzuki.  I am often most inspired and enlightened by the intelligence and beauty of my students, friends, family and teachers all around me.  I’m so proud of Pleasure Point Yoga in the way it’s grown and continues to evolve with a community of very authentic, kind and genuine people coming together to share yoga and life in a sweet, colorful, sacred space.


If you were a book what would the title be?: Lost in Laguna–A True Story

Favorite yoga pose:  Lately, it’s pigeon…a guilty pleasure!

What is something that makes you happy?: the ocean and the redwoods

What is your favorite quote?:   Practice and all is coming.   ~Sri K. Pattabhi Jois

Nicknames :  EE, A, Joy, AimHigh

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