April Umek :

I’m a native californian who’s finally come home. After spending 15 years on the East Coast, I’ve just recently moved to Santa Cruz with my boyfriend and 2 dogs…and we are loving it! My time on the East Coast was an important part of my life’s journey because I immersed myself in yoga and did my teacher training with Rolf Gates. I also became a Physician Assistant and worked in women’s health for 10 years delivering lots of babies and caring for many patients. I am now blessed and excited to be teaching at Pleasure Point Yoga. My dream is to merge my medical training and yoga to provide a holistic and preventative path to health. My other passions are rowing, hockey and anything in water!


What is your favorite quote?: “Be the change that you want to see”

Favorite yoga pose: Dancer

What is something that makes you happy?: The ocean and dogs

In a word, how would you describe yourself?: Altruistic

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