Sean Guinan, MTCM, L.Ac. :

Co-Owner & Director :

Upon the encouragement of my wife, I first stepped onto my mat in 2002. Since then I have had the pleasure of training with many wonderful teachers including Rolf Gates, Janet Stone, Sarah Powers, and Josh Summers. I have also worked as a yoga practicum coach for the Rolf Gates 200-hour on-line teacher training program and have taught workshops & retreats nationally and internationally.

In my vinyasa classes I offer sequencing and attention to breath that are intended to systematically open all the energetic lines of the body. Whether you are a newer yogi or a more seasoned practitioner, students should come to my flow classes prepared to work hard and should leave feeling open, energized and empowered! As for my yin yoga classes, I enjoy sequencing according to the meridians and hold the space for people to delve deep into the body and the mind.  I encourage folks to practice patient perseverance on their path to self-transformation.

Having received a Master’s degree (MTCM) in Traditional Chinese Medicine I also practice medicine as a Licensed Acupuncturist (L.Ac.).  Specializing in pediatrics and family medicine I enjoy treating the whole family on their path toward health and wellness! Likewise, I work as the Program Director for Pediatric Acupuncture Training Seminars through Robin Green Acupuncture, Inc. (


Favorite Sanskrit Name for an Asana : Agni Stambhasana

Favorite Sweet Treat : Don’t have one, maybe dark chocolate

3 Things I Can’t Live Without : My family, nature and yoga

Song Always Makes You Feel Happy : Diamond’s in the Sun by Girish

Nickname : Red Dog

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