Kenny Graham :

Drawing on his 23 years of study and experience, Kenny Graham teaches yoga in a way that is accessible, intelligent and inspiring. He teaches in an alignment-based flow that blends music with movement (because everything is better with music!). His teaching helps free the mind, lighten the heart and increase body awareness. In turn, this creates greater strength and flexibility. His vision is to support others’ practice so that it becomes sustainable for years to come. He honors the fact that each body is unique, and understands the overarching template of moving anatomy. This understanding allows him to recognize the potential inherent in each practitioner. Kenny teaches with a focus on anatomical alignment in movement to counter modern-day imbalances, which helps restore the body to its natural fluidity and balance. Through the functional applications of postures (asana), he helps students to discover their own unique anatomical alignment. When yoga practitioners correct misalignments and restore healthy movement, they can enhance their daily life and attain a higher level of athletic performance.

He has a Bachelors degree in Psychology and has always been keenly interested in cultivating a deeper awareness of the mind-body connection. He is a strong proponent of meditation and has witnessed first-hand its power to transform one’s own life. Yoga as meditation was his first introduction to yoga and later he supplemented this with physical practice to support his snowboarding and surfing.

No Mat Nomads is created as a vehicle to show that yoga can take place not just on the mat, but wherever we find ourselves. The No Mat Nomads journey is towards liberation, creativity and the outer expression of inner truth. Kenny continues to study and learn from yoga teachers in many different traditions and practitioners of various modalities including chiropractic, body work, anatomy, philosophy, Pilates, physical fitness, martial arts, acupuncture, nutrition and medicine. He is registered with Yoga Alliance at the highest level (E- RYT®500). He teaches in Santa Cruz CA and leads teacher trainings, workshops, retreats and festivals in the Bay Area and worldwide.

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