Becky Quinn :

Becky has always felt a deep connection to the earth and the natural world. Growing up in the Santa Cruz mountains surrounded by the ancient wisdom of the redwood forest she fell in love with the healing power of nature. This passion  initially inspired her to study the history of art and the philosophies of the ancient world.

During her immersion into the study of Art History Becky continued to practice yoga, but it was not until she graduated with her Master’s Degree in the History of Art and Visual Culture did she feel the call to broaden her understanding of the connections between the primordial power of nature, the wisdom of ancient cultures, and the healing traditions of yoga. Embarking on this journey, Becky traveled to Costa Rica and Bali, where she had the privilege of studying with Emily Perry and Silvia Mordini in the Alchemy of Yoga 500 hours teacher training. She also recently completed her Prenatal Yoga teacher training with Hannah Muse at the Mount Madonna Institute. Becky’s classes joyfully weave asana, pranayama, meditation and philosophy together to create eloquently sequenced alignment based flows, where students are able to free themselves of any inhibitions and arrive fully in the present.

Through the practice of yoga, Becky seeks to foster an intimate and sacred space where compassion, yoga, philosophy, and ancient wisdom come together to awaken people’s connection to each other and the earth.