Bri Bierbaum:

Bri is a kind, creative, and adventurous soul. She is very passionate about the health and liveliness of humankind. She is the studio manager at Pleasure Point Yoga and Dance studios and the owner of her own microbusiness, creating custom cleanses, immune shots and wellness products for the local community.

She considers herself a student of life and continues to learn about the things that inspire her creatively. Her passion for nutrition, herbalism, mental health, and wellness drive her interactions in her community and within herself.

Yoga has expanded her love for wellness and transformed the way she chooses to show up in the world. She has fun playing with inversions and fiery flows on her mat. She has an equal love for yin and prana that she weaves into her own personal practice.

When she is not behind the scenes doing computer work or at the studio making things lovely she is either in nature- hiking, traveling the world, doing yoga, volunteering in the community or creating. She hopes to inspire others to create a life they love. She believes in connecting to our own unique bodies wisdom and messages so that we can nourish and nurture ourselves through food, movement, and caring for our physical and mental health.

She is so excited to be a part of the studio and hopes to make it a sacred and welcoming place for all.