Yoga Classes: Yoga Asana, Pranayama, Meditation, Sound Healing, Kirtan, Satsang

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All Levels, All Bodies, All Ways are Welcome Always! 

Lokah Samastah Sukhino Bhavantu ~ May all beings be happy. May all beings be healthy. And may all being be free everywhere.























  • The Embodied Breath: 200hr Yoga & Breathwork Teacher Training – with Emily Perry & the Pleasure Point Yoga Faculty
  • FREE Info Sessions: February 6th & March 6th 12-1pm

Changes to Yoga Class Schedule:

  • CHANGE: Thursday 5:30pm Mixed Flow IN YOGA STUDIO with Chelsea Shapouri
  • NEW CLASS: Sun 4pm Mixed Flow IN YOGA STUDIO with Chelsea Shapouri
  • STARTS JAN 8th: 2nd & 4th Saturdays 10am Inversion Therapy Trapeze Yoga IN DANCE STUDIO with Carissa Nations
  • STARTS JAN 10th: Mondays 6:45 – 7:45pm BUTI Yoga IN DANCE STUDIO with Vaidehi Amair
  • STARTS JAN 12th: Wednesdays 4-5pm Pilates Flow  IN YOGA STUDIO with Elizabeth Charlton
  • STARTS JAN 13th: Thursdays 11am-12pm Barre Flow  IN DANCE STUDIO with Deborah Yates
  • STARTS JAN 13th: Thursday 4pm-5:05pm RESTORATIVE YOGA IN YOGA STUDIO with Tara Ford

Monthly Offerings: ON HOLD

  • 2nd Mondays  – 7:30pm – 9:00pm – Kirtan with Emily Perry & Friends (Call & Response Devotional Chanting)
  • Yoga Nidra – COMING SOON!

Free Offerings:

  • Monday  – 7:30am – 8:30am – Satsang with Sherry Cassedy (Yoga Philosophy: Yoga Sutras, Mudras, & Mantras)

Events & Workshops: Click Here to Read More

  • January 29th – 5:00pm – 7:30pm – New Moon Sisterhood Circle with Vaidehi Amair
  • February 5th – 5:00pm – 6:30pm – Sounds of the Ocean – A Sunset Beach Concert with Joshua Sam Miller & Elise Lein
  • February 13th – 1:00pm – 3:00pm – Full Moon Community Ceremony with Vaidehi Amair
  • February 20th – 3:00pm – 5:00pm – Activating the Crystalline Light Body with Kim Molloy (Guided Activation & Sound Infusion)
  • February 26th – 5:00 – 7:30 – New Moon Sisterhood Circle with Vaidehi Amair
  • February 27th – 6:00pm – 9:30pm – Acoyoga Workshop with Kaelin Bovee & Chris Gay



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COVID Update: Please enter / exit studio with masks on. Pre-Enrollment is highly encouraged to expedite check-in process. Class Size are Limited. Walk-Ins are Welcome!

Given space limitations, there are “No Refunds for No Shows” for IN STUDIO classes. 

In Studio, Livestream, & Outdoor Yoga Classes are OPEN and offered Year Round!


Thank you for your continued support!! This has been such a tremendous journey – – your commitment to your yoga practice and to our community and studio specifically, has touched our souls and hearts to the core! We would not still be here if it weren’t for your tremendous support. We Love You!

We cannot wait to see you on your mat – – whether it’s in person, online, or outdoors, we cherish your presence and have so much gratitude to the energy you add collectively!

Please be sure to register for the environment of your choice (as noted in the title of each class – “IN STUDIO”, “LIVESTREAM”, “BEACH”, or “OUTDOOR”).

Studio Rental & Availability: Our Dance Studio is also availabe for Rent!! If you are looking to rent the dance studio for your independent yoga, dance, movement or motion schools, to host privates, rehersals, drill practice or looking for an ideal place for your yoga, dance or movement classes – we’ve got you! The studio is equipped with ceiling hardware and ready for Hanging / Flying Arts, Aerial, Trapeze, Hammocks, Slings! Please email

Mind Over Matter, Heart Over Mind!


Yoga: is a practice, way of life, and healing modality that all bodies can do. It helps to balance mind, body, and spirit and supports the integration of all parts of a person. While cultivating a compassionate and loving inner voice, it allows one to sit with self while noticing, honoring, and processing not only the times of abundance, balance, and flow but the harder, challenging, even darker times of struggle, hardship, pain and suffering.  It builds compassion for self, others, and the collective experience both on and off the mat. Pleasure Point Yoga is here for you. We support growth and healing to empower individuals and build a healthy and happy community. Cultivating a lifelong yoga practice requires a sustainable approach and methods which continue to challenge, as well as relax us on a daily basis. Located in the heart of the Pleasure Point neighborhood we serve all of Santa Cruz County. Our dedicated and highly trained teachers are here for you 7 days a week. Whether you are brand new to yoga or have been practicing for years, you will feel warmly welcomed as you step through our doors. Each breath is an opportunity to grow, each breath is an opportunity to change.  A mindful practice, yoga asks us to pay attention, to become aware of what we’re doing while we’re doing it, and to take responsibility for our mind, body and spirit. It is a practice of coming home to what we already know to be true. To support you on your path of well-being, we offer 30+ classes per week.  We are a Yoga studio and loving container, holding space for our community to go inward on a journey deeper to self, to the jewel of your heart, and your soul’s calling.


All Levels, All Bodies, All Ways are Welcome Always! 

Lokah Samastah Sukhino Bhavantu ~ May all beings be happy. May all beings be healthy. And may all being be free everywhere.

FREE INFO SESSION: Yoga & Breathwork 200hr Teacher Training (Feb 6th & Mar 6th)


DATE: Sunday, February 6th and March 6th

TIME: 12:00pm – 1:00pm


LOCATION: “IN STUDIO” or “Livestream”

  • IN STUDIO: 3707 Portola Drive – Main Yoga Studio
  • Livestream: via Zoom

REGISTER: Please Pre-Regiser via MindBody 

Drop Ins are always welcome!

Yoga Asana: Vinyasa Flow Based Classes IN STUDIO & Livestream

CLASS NAME: Mixed Flow, Slow Flow, or Sweaty Flow

LEVEL: Mixed Levels

COST: $18 Drop-In / Regular Class Pricing

LOCATION: “IN STUDIO” or “Livestream”

  • IN STUDIO: 3707 Portola Drive – Main Yoga Studio
  • Livestream: via Zoom


Drop Ins are always welcome!

Gentle Yoga & Gentle Yin Classes (Deep & Functional Stretch) IN STUDIO


  • GENTLE YIN: Wednesdays 11:00am – 12:15pm
  • GENTLE YOGA: Fridays 11:00am – 12:15pm

LEVEL: All Levels – Great for Beginners or experienced yogis who want a more gentle yoga practice

COST: $18 Drop-In / Regular Class Pricing

LOCATION: 3707 Portola Drive – Main Yoga Studio


Drop Ins are always welcome!

Yin Yoga: Relax, Rejuvenate, & Renew IN STUDIO & Livestream


  • Yin Yoga (In Studio & Livestream
  • Gentle Yin (IN STUDIO Only 

LEVEL: Mixed Levels / All Levels

COST: $18 Drop-In / Regular Class Pricing

LOCATION: “IN STUDIO” or “Livestream”

  • IN STUDIO: 3707 Portola Drive – Main Yoga Studio
  • Livestream: via Zoom


Drop Ins are always welcome!

Beach Yoga: Offered All Year Round!

COST: $18 Drop-In / $150 10 Class Pass / $145 Unlimited Monthly

Outdoor Yoga is here to stay! Practice outdoors in a safe, fun, and beautiful environment with your friends. Breath in that fresh, crisp air while looking out into the sea or up into the cosmos. Ground down, find your center, and let go of what no longer serves. In with the good, out with the no longer needed! In with a fresh start, out with the old.

Outdoor Yoga is offered Year Round – – weather permitting. Please see live schedule for updates. You will NOT be charged for any class cancellations due to weather and you will be notified via email if/when cancellations happen. Please understand weather cancellations may happen last minute and are hard to plan for – – PLEASE check the live schedule for any cancellations when in doubt!

CLASS TYPE: Slow / Gentle Vinyasa Flow (unless otherwise specified)

CLASS LEVEL: Welcome to ALL Levels / All Bodies / All Ways!

Sunny Cove Beach (17th Ave): Location:
  • Sunday 9am-10:15am  – Slow Flow w/Katie, Marissa, or Kayla
  • Wednesday 9am-10:15am  – Slow Flow w/ Katie Jacobson
Twin Lakes Beach (Lifeguard tower left of Crow’s Nest): Location:
  • Saturday 9am-10:15am – Gentle Yoga with Melissa Mikolitch
  • Yoga mat and / or large beach towel
  • Water, Sunscreen, Sunglasses and Layers of Clothing (particularly in the winder / colder mornings)
  • Wintery / Misty / Foggy Mornings: Suggest sweatshirt, socks, hat / beanie, sweatpants over your yoga clothes (get cozy in Shavasana)
Please Pre-Register with us via the MindBody App. Click here to for the live schedule!

Inversion Therapy Trapeze Yoga IN STUDIO (Anti-Gravity Yoga Practice)              2nd & 4th Saturdays (Starts Jan 8th)

INSTRUCTOR: Carissa Nations

DAY / TIME: 2nd & 4th Saturdays from 10am – 11am (Starts Jan 8th)

COST: $18 Drop-In / $150 10 Class Pass / $145 Unlimited Monthly



Reach new lengths and deeper asana with this wonderful support system.
Ease into inversions and experience the vast benefits of this anti-gravity yoga practice. 

In an upbeat class, we’ll explore what yoga means, why a healthy spine is important and how practice is essential.

We’ll begin class with focus on breath and intention, then move into a groin’ exploration of playful postures. In our circle of friends, we’ll uplift and support one another; through positive affirmations, foundational strength and confidence building techniques that will last a lifetime.

All levels welcome! See you in the air!


The Benefits of Aerial Fitness:

  • Deepens stretches
  • Relieves joint pressure and spinal compression that floor workouts can trigger
  • Releases tension
  • Increases balance and proprioception (bodily awareness)
  • Enhances core strength
  • Improves breath awareness
  • Easier access to inverted postures
  • Releases endorphins

BUTI Yoga IN STUDIO (Conditioning Class) (Starts Jan 10th)

INSTRUCTOR: Vaidehi Amair

DAY / TIME: Mondays 6:45pm – 7:45pm (with a 2nd class coming)

COST: $18 Drop-In / $150 10 Class Pass / $145 Unlimited Monthly

LOCATION: 3603 Portola Drive – Dance Studio

COMPLIMENTARY CLASS: Recommend taking this class if you choose to enroll in Intro to Pole



BUTI yoga is a dynamic asana practice fused with primal movement, tribal dance and deep core engagement. Increase your flexibility, strengthen your muscles, and get your heart rate up to fun dance music. Men and women welcomed. Do note there is a lot of spiral hip movement. Come ready to sweat, work out, and shake your booty! Bring a yoga mat, towel, and water.

ALL LEVELS WELCOME – No prior dance or yoga experience necessary


INSTRUCTOR BIO: Vaidehi Amair is a lover of movement. Whether it is dance, yoga, aerial dance, freestyle movement, or stretching, she truly believes in the power of movement to heal, nurture and recharge the human being on all levels of body, mind and spirit. As a movement instructor and soul purpose coach, she loves to incorporate her different movement backgrounds into her daily life and work through her own practice as well as through teaching others and creating sacred space for others to participate. She is a certified BUTI Yoga, Vinyasa Yoga and Pole Level 1-2 instructor that has a deep connection to music and its dynamic catalytic effect on the body and is ready to help her students develop not only their own practice and physical expansion, but an awakening love for a personal movement quality they can call their own.


What to Bring:
Yoga Mat, towel, and water

Pilates Flow IN STUDIO & Livestream (Conditioning: Pilates + Yoga Poses)

INSTRUCTOR: Elizabeth Charlton


  • Tuesday 12:00 – 1:15pm IN STUDIO (Dance Studio)
  • Thursday 12:00 – 1:15pm (Livestream)
  • Wednesday 4:00 – 5:00pm (Main Yoga Studio)

COST: $18 Drop-In / $150 10 Class Pass / $145 Unlimited Monthly



This is a refreshing one-hour and 15 minute, mind-body workout.
Pilates Flow emphasizes proper breathing, correct spinal and pelvic alignment, and concentration on smooth, flowing movement. The class consists of classic Pilates exercise and Yoga positions that are choreographed to music and flow from one move to the next. This low-impact workout treats the body as an integrated whole, focusing on the core, lower body and upper body strength as well as flexibility and posture. This is a class for all levels, all bodies and all ages. Modifications are taught alongside the most challenging moves. Come and give Pilates Flow a try!

Excercise Method: low-impact flexibility, muscular strength, and endurance movements

Benefits: proper postural alignment, core strength, and muscle balance


Instructor Bio: Elizabeth has loved dance her whole life. When she was five, she began ballet, jazz, tap and gymnastics classes and was a member of her dance and gymnastics clubs in high school. She continued with ballet throughout college and after. Elizabeth has spent 33 years as a public school educator in Santa Cruz County. She always incorporated movement and dance into her classroom instruction whether teaching spelling, math or Zumba for kids.

She discovered the joys of dance fitness with Zumba and has been a Zumba instructor in town since 2009. Elizabeth took Pilates Mat 1 training six years ago and later became a certified POP Pilates instructor.

Elizabeth’s Pilates Flow class is a synthesis of classic Pilates Mat and POP Pilates. She is looking
forward to sharing her love of Pilates with Pleasure Point Yoga.

Abs & Splits (Hamstrings & Hips) IN STUDIO with Vaidehi Amair                    (Deep & Gentle Strengthening & Opening Class)

INSTRUCTORS: Vaidehi Amair

DATES / TIMES: 60 minutes

  • Mondays & Fridays 10:30am – 11:30am
  • Wednesdays 12:00pm – 1:00pm

COST: $18 Drop-In / Regular Class Pricing

LOCATION: 3603 Portola Drive, in our Dance Studio

Crystal Bowl Sound Journey w/Kim Molloy

INSTRUCTORS: Kim Molloy, Sound Alchemist

DATE: Thursdays

TIME: 7:15 – 8:15pm

COST: $18 Drop-In / $150 10 Class Pass / $145 Unlimited Monthly

Kirtan with Emily Perry & Friends (2nd Mondays)

INSTRUCTORS: Emily Perry & Special Guests

DATE: 2nd Mondays Monthly

TIME: 7:30pm – 9:00pm

COST: $18 Drop-In / No one will be turned away for lack of funds

Satsang Community Circle: Yoga Philosophy  – Mantras, Mudras, & Sutras (Livestream)

INSTRUCTOR: Sherry Cassedy

DATE: Every Monday

TIME: 7:30 – 8:30am

COST: Free and open to all!

LOCATIONS: Livestream

Mantras, Sutras and Mudras, Oh My!

Pleasure Point Yoga’s Monday morning Satsang is a unique (and free) opportunity to delve deeper into the esoteric teachings of Yoga in the company of one another. It is a great introduction for anyone who is curious to learn more, and an open invitation to revisit and share in the supported space of the Sangha as we deepen our practice.

Come clear your mind and refresh your soul.

In Satsang, we gather together, in community to seek truth or, more simply, to be with the truth. We create the space with chanting, light, and intention, gentle rituals that help us to dedicate this hour to our study and practice and to one another.

We begin each morning with chanting the Gayatri Mantra, the ancient invocation to the Sun. We take up one Yoga Sutra (brief teaching) in sequence each week, chanting and translating the prior Sutras for practice and review, then translating, breaking down, studying the Sutra of the week and sharing how it applies to our lives at this moment. We practice pranayama (breath) and mudras (hand poses) before we settle in for about 5 minutes of meditation to allow the teachings to settle into our bodies and consciousness.

Livestream Yoga Classes & Process 

COST: $18 Drop-In / $150 10 Class Pass / $145 Unlimited Monthly

For those who prefer to practice in the comfort of their own home or hotel while traveling, please join us via Livestream!

Yoga Price List & Pricing


Drop-In: $18 / 10 Class Pass: $150 ($15/Class)

Monthly Unlimited: $145  / 6 Month AutoPay: $108/Mo

Yearly Pass: $1,200 / Half Yearly: $750

Intro Week: $20 (limit 1 per customer) / Intro Month: $49 (limit 1 per customer)

Prop Package: $150 (Includes 1 Blanket, 2 Blocks, 1 Bolster, 1 Strap, and 1 Eye Pillow)

Commit to your personal yoga practice and create a pathway to peace, health, and happiness. Yoga passes are good for any of our in studio, livestream, or outdoor yoga classes.

For purchase, please email or purchase directly via your account within MindBody.



Yoga & Massage Pricing Packages

Give yourself the ultimate in self care with a Yoga & Massage Package. Details found below. Gift Certificates available.

All come with a PPY Sweatshirt.

And are available with or without Yoga Privates and Props. Prop Package includes 1 blanket, 2 blocks, 1 bolster, 1 strap, and 1 eye pillow.

Massages are conducted by Pleasure Point Yoga’s approved and highly recommended Victoria Icaza, Certified Massage Therapist #10884.

For purchase, please email or purchase directly via your account within MindBody.