Danielle Vaden Barr :

Danielle’s classes are breath focused, with both traditional and nontraditional asanas, and creative transitions. She believes Yoga practice is a strong foundation for an awakened life.
Danielle has a robust following and people come to her classes week after week. Danielle loves her sangha (tribe).
Together we strengthen our collective life force (super powers). We focus our drishti and awareness allowing our Sankalpa (life purpose/souls journey/hearts longing) to illuminate.
Danielle’s classes are a balance of Laughter (good medicine), Asana (yoga postures), Pranayama (breath work), Meditation, Mudras/Bandhas (energy locks), Mantra (chanting/singing),
Union (mind and heart and beyond) and space for the practitioner to feel the yoga at work…  Danielle offers caring and compassionate, purposeful assists to enhance the yoga students’ experience.
Hands on assisting has been an alive practice for Danielle.  She has assisted at Bhakti and Shakti Festivals. Danielle has also assisted public classes, retreats, trainings and workshops for Janet Stone, Hannah Muse, Emily Perry, Saul David Raye, and Johanna Beekman. She offers a Vayu based Hands On Assisting training for yoga teachers and those looking to deepen their yoga practice.
Danielle approaches her practice as a new student with every breath.
Danielle is a 500 RYT, RPYT Alliance certified Yoga Instructor and has over 1000 hours of teacher trainings and vows to always be a student.
Words of wisdom from Danielle: Keep showing up, even on the days you don’t want to, and something special will happen.
Danielle is humbled and beyond grateful for all the teachers in her life, including her two children and the adventures of living.