Danu Schoeck :

Danu has been a devotee of dance and a lover of movement since she was old enough to walk. Growing up in Santa Cruz, she eagerly soaked up years of studio time practicing ballet, flamenco, hip-hop, samba, street jazz and the Japanese nonviolent martial art Aikido. Danu loves the thrill of the mind+body challenge of exploring choreography on the floor as well as the freedom of finding the organic movement that flows when music inspires.

Danu has taught dance to adults and kids as well as Zumba classes in Santa Cruz County for over ten years. She took a break from teaching from 2014 – 2018 to focus on becoming a mama to her son and daughter.

Danu is excited to be back in the studio and has founded Studio HeartBeat, a dance fitness company. Danu is overjoyed to offer her HeartBeat Dance Fitness Classes through Pleasure Point Yoga. This class is an hour of heart pumping, joyful dance and strengthening fitness movement set to contemporary sounds of hip-hop, pop, club and world beats. All levels welcome!

Danu believes in honoring all students through authenticity, kindness and a booty shaking good time!

Find her on Facebook at @heartbeatsc