Dawn Hayes :

Dawn began to study yoga in 2001 and began teaching in 2005. She is a Senior Prajna Yoga Instructor and completed her 500hr teacher training with Tias & Surya Little, the founders of Prajna Yoga. Her classes are influenced by alignment-based yoga, vinyasa yoga, somatic movements, functional movement approaches, and the connections between practice and life.

’s classes emphasizes breath, flow, and form as keys to unlocking basic and advanced postures. The breath is always a foundation that we flow from, and the mechanics or actions of a pose will build from the breath. Some classes will find more steadiness and holding of poses to build strength and stamina. Other classes will find more fire as grace and breath meet in the practice. Expect to build up to new things and break down a pose or two each class.
Exploring different variations and prop set-ups in the same poses help to reveal the many layers of each asana. You will find that there are many props available and sometimes you’ll use all of them! There are countless creative ways to use blocks, straps, and blankets, as well as the yoga chairs, sandbags, and wall-ropes.
Dawn finds that contemplative practice is an important part of her daily practice and her classes. Yoga practice is not limited to asana alone, and taking time for contemplation and meditation is important in our fast-paced and connected world.
For more information about Dawn and her classes, workshops, and retreats please visit: www.dawnhayesyoga.com