Delaney Puhek :

I am a Certified Nutrition Consultant (N.C.) and Registered Yoga Teacher (R.Y.T.) with experience working, teaching, and growing in the field of integrative medicine and therapeutics since 2012. I focus on nutrition, yoga, and mindset coaching with an emphasis on the mind-body connection. I have focussed on many areas of specialty including GI health, metabolic function, women’s health, and hormone balancing, fertility, weight management, and diabetes.

At a young age, I found healing from my emotional and physical ailments in the form of yoga and ever since has been impassioned on the quest to find tools to help align the physical, mental, and spiritual bodies and create true wellbeing.

I am amazed by my natural surroundings and the organic movements of my body, breath, and mind, which I learn from constantly. My path to discovering holistic wellness has drawn me to places I’ve never imagined and taught me values I hope to share with my students for a lifetime.

Through my yoga, nutrition, and mindfulness practices came self-love and self-awareness. I strive to take care of my body as I learned it was a vessel to create and do good in this world, and truly “walking the talk”.

Through years of extensive study, research, self-experimentation, and formal training, I have developed enthusiasm and passion to dedicate my life to studying and sharing what I have learned with others through private nutrition consultation, group yoga classes, and mindset coaching.