We frequently host special guest teachers, extended classes from your favorite local teachers, music, art and other special events at PPY. If you walk away learning one thing from any of these offerings that is a good and worthy practice, and will boost your daily yoga.  Make it a staycation: a regular morning weekend class, grab a healthy bite in the neighborhood and then come back for an afternoon workshop.  Instant Day of Yoga Retreat!    ~Please scroll down, and consider pre-registration is recommended…48 hours advanced noticed for cancellations required for refund~

Slow Flow, Yin & Meditation

INSTRUCTOR:  Shar’ron Bren

DATE: Saturday, July 28th

TIME: 2:00-4:00pm

COST: $35

This class will feature Fresh Hydrosol and will come with a Complementary Medicine Shack Shop Hydrosol. These are Handmade, hand foraged by Shar’ron.
45 min of Slow Flow leading into 50 min of Yin, along with a longer meditation and savasana.
Treat yourself to a wonderful, Saturday afternoon of yoga, rest and relaxation in your very own neighborhood!
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6 minimum, 30 maximum

photograph by Sioux Nesi

Sunday Eve Yin Yoga + Live Music

INSTRUCTOR:  Katie Jacobson


DATE: Sunday, July 29th

TIME: Yin Yoga 6:00-7:15pm

Kirtan 7:30-9:00pm-ish

COST: $ regular class pricing for Yin Yoga, Live Music & Kirtan by donation

Enjoy an extra special touch to the already amazing, candlelit, Sunday evening Yin Yoga class with Katie Jacobson, as we welcome the soulful sounds of special guest musician, Ambika.

Ambika has been a singer and musician for most of her life, playing in various bands in NYC until she discovered chanting with Krishna Das in 1995. Kirtan had a profound effect on her, and lead her to India where she met her teacher and Spiritual Mother, Shri Siddhi Ma. As Ambika deepened her connection to the practice of chanting, it became her home and refuge. Recently she has been exploring chants from other faith traditions, working with a program at The Cathedral of St. John the Divine.

Come to class, and stay for Kirtan if you like, or just come for Kirtan, or just class…but do come, it will be an enchanted midsummer’s evening, and pre-registration for class is recommended.

$10-25 donation recommended to welcome this amazing, visiting kirtan artist from NYC


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Yoga & Philosophy: a summer series

INSTRUCTOR: Caren Camblin

DATES: 1st Saturday of the Month: June 2nd, July 7th, August 4th

TIME: 4:00-6:00pm

COST: $20 each class

An evening of light vinyasa flow, meditation, and deep yin practice interwoven with practical teachings from rich wisdom traditions. All levels welcome. No reading/preparation required.

I Yoga and the Tao Te Ching (June 2)

The Ancient Chinese philosophy of the Tao is deeply grounded in the pace and processes of the natural world. It encourages us to slow down, allow, and trust. The Tao advocates for balance and harmony in all words and deeds.
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   For June 2nd


II Yoga and Existentialism (July 7)

Frankl’s brand of existentialism encourages deep inquiry in service of living a life rich with integrity and personal meaning. Beauty, freedom, creativity, and connection drive this pragmatic way of life.
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   For July 7th




III Yoga and the Bhagavad-Gita (August 4)

Krishna’s advice to love, serve, and do your dharma.

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    For August 4th

Caren Camblin holds an MA in philosophy from Stanford University and has been teaching at UCSC since 2005. She teaches Slow Flow, Mixed Flow, and Yin at Pleasure Point Yoga.

Satsang, weekly

INSTRUCTOR: Sherry Cassedy

DATE: Every Monday

TIME: 7:30 – 8:30am

COST: Free and open to all!


Pleasure Point Yoga’s Monday morning Satsang is a unique (and free) opportunity to delve deeper into the esoteric teachings of Yoga in the company of one another. It is a great introduction for anyone who is curious to learn more, and an open invitation to revisit and share in the supported space of the Sangha as we deepen our practice.

Satsang will resume Monday, January 8, 2018, with overview of the Sutra, some Sanskrit basics, and then taking up the second book, Sadhana Pada on Practice. It is a wonderful time to join in but always feel free to drop in as we share the path of yoga.

“Satsang” is a Sanskrit word derived from “sat”, meaning truth, and “sanga”, meaning community. In Satsang, we gather together, in community to seek truth or, more simply, to be with the truth. We create the space with chanting, light, and intention, gentle rituals that help us to dedicate this hour to our study and practice and to one another.

Monday Night Kirtan

INSTRUCTOR: Emily Perry & Friends

DATE: 3rd Monday of every month

TIME: 7:30 – 9:30pm

COST: $10-20 Suggested Donation (no one turned away for lack of funds)

Join us monthly for this call & response chanting from the Bhakti Yoga Tradition – a joyful practice of devotion.

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