Events and Workshops

We frequently host special guest teachers, extended classes from your favorite local teachers, music, art and other special events at PPY. If you walk away learning one thing from any of these offerings that is a good and worthy practice, and will boost your daily yoga. Make it a staycation: a regular morning weekend class, grab a healthy bite in the neighborhood and then come back for an afternoon workshop. Instant Day of Yoga Retreat! ~Please scroll down, pre-registration is recommended… 48 hours advanced notice for cancellation required for refund~

For registration assistance ~ please email us at:

Creativity Flow Yoga & Art Mash Up


DATE: Tuesdays

TIME: 1-2:30pm

COST: Regular class pricing



Peace Warriors Kids Yoga (all ages 5+)


INSTRUCTORS: Ilana Ingber 

DATE: Tuesdays beginning September 24th

TIME: 3:45-5:15pm

COST: $150 for 6 sessions; $30 drop in

LOCATION: 3603 Portola Dr. located a few doors down and to the left of our main yoga studio



ALUNA Breathwork

INSTRUCTORS: Alex & Attila

DATE: Thursday, October 17th

TIME: 10-1pm




RESONANCE: Yin Yoga, Acupuncture, & Yoga Nidra for the Season

INSTRUCTORS: Kayla Copeland & Diana Moll L.Ac.

DATE: Saturday, October 19th

TIME: 5-6:45pm

COST: $40 in adv. / $45 at the door



FREE! Community Flow


DATE: TBA please stay tuned!!! 

TIME: 12-1pm




Crystal Bowl Sound Journey 


DATE: Sunday, November 3rd

TIME: 7:30-8:30pm

COST: $15-20 sliding scale


Tribal Fusion Belly Dance (all levels)


DATE: Begins every Wednesday Nov. 6th

TIME: 7:15pm

COST: Regular class pricing 



The Self-Love Tour Launch Party Open House

HOSTED BY: Pleasure Point Yoga 

DATE: Sunday, November 10

TIME: 12-4pm

COST: Regular class pricing 

PRICE: Click here to purchase tickets



Trauma Informed Yoga Healing Motion Workshop 20 hrs

INSTRUCTORS: Kaye Wilkinson

DATE: Friday, November 15 – 17th

COST: Early bird $325 ; after October 21st $375

LOCATION: 3603 Portola Dr, located a few doors down and to the left of PPY in our ‘movements’ studio


Restorative Yoga + Live Music w/ Girish

INSTRUCTORS: Leslee Bassin

DATE: Sunday, January 12th

TIME: 6-7:30pm

COST: $30 in advance, $35 at the door


Satsang, weekly

INSTRUCTOR: Sherry Cassedy

DATE: Every Monday

TIME: 7:30 – 8:30am

COST: Free and open to all!

Pleasure Point Yoga’s Monday morning Satsang is a unique (and free) opportunity to delve deeper into the esoteric teachings of Yoga in the company of one another. It is a great introduction for anyone who is curious to learn more, and an open invitation to revisit and share in the supported space of the Sangha as we deepen our practice. We will be taking up the Yamas and Niyamas starting July 16, exploring each of the qualities as a practice in and of itself.  Patanjali calls the Yamas (nonviolence, truth, non stealing, chastity, non hoarding) the Great Vow or Mahavratam.  This is a wonderful time to join the circle and you are always feel free to drop in as we share the path of yoga. “Satsang” is a Sanskrit word derived from “sat”, meaning truth, and “sanga”, meaning community. In Satsang, we gather together, in community to seek truth or, more simply, to be with the truth. We create the space with chanting, light, and intention, gentle rituals that help us to dedicate this hour to our study and practice and to one another.

HeartBeat Dance Fitness


DATE: Monday and Wednesday nights beginning January 2nd

TIME: 6-7pm

COST: Regular class pricing

LOCATION: Pleasure Point Movement, PPY’s 2nd Studio located a few doors down at 3603 Portola Dr.



Advance enrollment via MindBody is Required and Will Sell Out!

Come dance and sweat with us! This hour long adults’ dance fitness class blends high and low intensity dance moves, toning calisthenics and feel good music to work your body and feed your soul. All levels welcome!

Regular class schedule to begin January 2nd : Monday and Wednesday nights 6-7pm!

Danu Schoeck is back on the Santa Cruz Dance scene and excited to bring you Heartbeat Dance Fitness! This class combines heart pumping cardio dance in hip hop, street jazz and world dance styles with fitness movements to tone and strengthen. Danu is a well known local dance and fitness choreographer and teacher. She has over 9 years of experience teaching dance and fitness classes and a strong belief in movement as medicine. Come see what the buzz is about!

A message from PPY’s Owner (Megan McAllister): Danu is BACK on the Dance Scene and joining the line up of classes at Pleasure Point Movement (Pleasure Point Yoga’s new and forming second studio). Pleasure Point Movement has crafted its class offerings to inspire students to get out of their heads and back into their hearts – – all centered around movement of some sort (stay tuneded for much more!!!). Danu is one of my favorite dance teachers of all time (Hip Hop, Street Jazz, Zumba). Danu is such a talented dancer and a prolific teacher. She may be small in size but her dance moves are HUGE! She is such a light – – her radiant personality, contageous smile, encouraging teaching style, and dope choreography had classes packed when she was teaching!! No matter the level of dance experience, Danu will make it FUN!! Get ready to drop it like it’s HOTT!!!

Monthly Monday Night Yoga for Social Justice Book Club

INSTRUCTOR: Gwen Benjamin

DATE: 1st Monday of every month – Beginning December 3rd

TIME: 7:15 – 8:30pm


LOCATION: Pleasure Point Movement, PPY’s 2nd Studio located a few doors down at 3603 Portola Dr.. 

This monthly reading and discussion group is a safe container to hold difficult conversations about social justice issues in the yoga world. Through examining modern yoga’s relationship to race, class, gender, colonialism, activism, trauma, body positivity, and agency, we will explore a variety of complicated topics that inform the ways in which we in the West consume and create yoga culture.

Each month when the new book is announced, participants will receive a list of guided questions to accompany the readings. The Yoga for Social Justice Book Club is 90 minutes long and open to all bodies, all ways.

Yoga for Social Justice Book Club – Reading List: 

Monthly Monday Night Yoga Nidra

INSTRUCTOR: Kayla Copeland

DATE: 2nd Monday of every month

TIME: 7:15 – 8:00pm

COST: Regular class pricing

When the body is relaxed and the nervous system is in a ‘resting state’, we are much more apt to heal from within. Sometimes in our busy lives we don’t always have the time to “hurry up and relax” or sometimes finding relaxation itself can be a challenge.

This class is designed to guide you into a deep and conscious relaxation of body and mind, to a place between dreaming and waking. Yoga Nidra is often referred to as ‘Yogic Sleep’. It is said that 45 mins of Yoga Nidra is equivalent in benefits to 4 hours of traditional sleep.

Join Kayla Copeland for a sweet start to your week! 2nd Monday of every month

Monthly Monday Night Kirtan

INSTRUCTOR: Emily Perry & Friends

DATE: 3rd Monday of every month

TIME: 7:30 – 9:30pm

COST: $10-20 Suggested Donation (no one turned away for lack of funds)


Join us monthly for this call & response chanting from the Bhakti Yoga Tradition – a joyful practice of devotion.

EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) Monthly


DATE: 2nd Tuesday of every month

TIME: 7-8:30pm

COST: FREE! Donations accepted but not expected

LOCATION: Pleasure Point Movement, located a few doors down at 3603 Portola Dr.

Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) is a self-healing modality that
combines aspects of Chinese medicine and modern psychology with
self-acceptance and unconditional love. EFT re-calibrates your brain’s
responses to stimuli, reprogramming your body and brain’s ability to
function properly. EFT can positively transform your life in ways you
never imagined possible.
All ages and levels welcomed. Donations
Please bring water to drink during class.
Bio : Cat McDaris is a student of the human spirit, heart and mind. In her
quest for alleviation from suffering and pain, she has found a calling
in caring for others and a strong desire to share her valuable life
tools for the benefit of humanity. She has and continues to practice
and share practical tools that shift old painful beliefs into loving
truths. “The lips of wisdom are closed except for the ears of
understanding.” Hermes Trismegistus