Grasshoppers: Yoga for Kids


Imagine beginning your yoga journey at 6, 7, …8 years old. or simply incorporating light stretching and calming breathing techniques into your way of life. That’s what these kids are up to. Practicing simple vinyasa sequences as well as light pranayama (breathing) kids at Pleasure Point Yoga are having fun tuning in. It is such a joy and honor to lead these little Grasshoppers in their yoga practice at the studio. Working with kids, in any field, is always amazing and truly rewarding. Their bright smiles and beautiful sense of light and open heartedness is beyond inspiring. Truly teaching us so much.

Humble New York City yoga master, Sri Dharma Mittra, says, “be like a child”. Children do not have expectations for themselves – who they are or who they think they ‘should’ be. They are open vessels, full of endless possibility. Living in the present, children have little concern for the past or future moments in time. We can learn so much from our youth. Especially in yoga.

When we (adults) come to our mats we all come from different life experiences – making us all uniquely beautiful. The mat is a safe haven to work everything out. With time to tune in we’re able to catch our breath and really listen. The beauty lies in that it is different for each and every one of us. Sometimes we are simply having fun – breathing in the flow, getting lost in movement and breath. Other times, we have tears dripping down our face. With many points standing in middle ground. All of these scenarios are perfect and many of us experience all sides of this ever changing coin at different periods throughout life.


Children ride their own waves as well. We all do. I have to say as a teacher, it is so cool to work with these kids who are learning yoga basics at such a young age. Simple things like learning to listen to their breathing to help calm down… things that can help throughout life. Learning to cope with stress and everyday ups and downs is something we are all learning to do constantly. Using all of our tools we can grow into healthier, happier, and more radiant beings.

Grasshoppers: Kids’ Yoga is a yoga program designed and catered to children ages 6-12. Light pranayama (breathing) and meditation exercises open class followed by playful concentration of asana (postures & flow) concluding with deep relaxation. Yoga really is great at any age! Please check out workshops for more information!

Namaste ~