Lindsey Hunt :

After going through a huge life transition in 2012, Lindsey sought out new opportunities to heal her heart and rebuild her life. One such opportunity came along in the form of a yoga class. At the prompting of a good friend, Lindsey attended her first Vinyasa flow class taught by Anna Hughes. With a gymnastics and cheerleading background the challenging poses came easily to Lindsey. The practice of melding mind and body brought a newfound peace and contentment. Soon, she realized that yoga was much more than holding poses – it was a way of life. Lindsey dedicated the next several years to learning everything she could about the practice; including meditation and inner growth. In the fall of 2013, Lindsey attended the Yoga Flow San Francisco teacher’s training and, after receiving her certification, has been teaching ever since.

Lindsey’s classes are full of energy and compassion as she guides her students to reach their highest potential. Lindsey focuses on a combination of mental, spiritual and physical exercises to increase strength, flexibility and mindfulness. Students come away feeling calm, aware and connected to their bodies.  

Having a playful side, Lindsey loves to go upside down and incorporates inversions in her vinyasa flow classes whenever possible.