Pleasure Point Yoga has a curated faculty of skilled and passionate yoga instructors. We believe in health and happiness – specializing in vinyasa and yin yoga. We can tailor packages and programs specific to your function and need, as well as host on- or offsite classes. For more information, please email:

Sports Training / Injury Prevention / Team Building

Yoga’s power to unite a group’s collective energy makes it a great team building exercise.  A powerful tool in sports training, adding a yoga routine will condition athletes with greater balance, flexibility, and clarity of mind. 


Jessie Hess of PPY worked exclusively with the Women’s Volleyball Team of Cabrillo College during their training in 2015 & 2016.

Wedding Parties / Birthdays / Celebrations

Wondering how to entertain guests at your upcoming function?  Offering a yoga class is a great way to get everyone together on a personal journey. It will help balance energy and release tension, while creating a sense of unity and fun within the group. Arrangements can be made to have a class at our studio, your home, or another site specific location.

Corporate / Office / Workplace

Yoga in the workplace is the perfect low budget, high yielding wellness program. Benefits include: increased productivity & creativity, greater sense of energy & motivation, with better memory, concentration & focus.


Privates / Small Groups

Looking to refine your practice? Feeling as though you’ve reached a plateau?  Let our skilled instructors help you work through to the next level of yoga. One-on-one or semi-private sessions offer personalized instruction, hands-on adjustments, and specified feedback. Whether you are a seasoned yogi or brand new to the practice, a private yoga class can reveal new tips and tricks for basic and advanced asana.