Aubrey Padma Pentland :

Aubrey, also known as Padma, brings a grounded, compassionate and loving energy, coupled with a trauma informed approach, to her yoga classes, sister circles, sound healing ceremonies and workshops. With a grateful heart she honours all beings who have blessed her path of learning through growing up in California, living in Australia to transformative spiritual pilgrimages throughout India receiving authentic holistic (Akhanda) yoga training from her root teacher Yogrishi Vishveketu, and experiencing expansive heart opening studying the sacred art of sound healing in Nepal with her beloved teacher Yug Ajay. In addition to being a student of yoga and life, Padma has served in public education and community programs as a School Psychologist and counselor for over fifteen years, while simultaneously studying and practicing Eastern spirituality, natural and energetic healing modalities.

Padma is passionate about serving fellow humans from a heart centered place with deep presence, and as a certified Reiki master she is an open channel for healing life force energy which is infused into her practice. She holds a safe nurturing space meeting you as you are, all feelings and experiences welcome. Padma believes in our innate ability to heal and embraces an integrated holistic approach to the body, mind, soul, inviting you back home to your heart to remember the Divine essence of who you are. Utilizing breath, sound, movement, and connection to nature, she supports you in cultivating harmony within all layers of your being, regulating your nervous system, and befriending both the inner light and shadows with love.

As a devoted student of yoga, Padma recently furthered her training in a 300 hr yoga and depth psychology teacher training with Ashely Turner, bridging science and spirituality in an accessible and trauma sensitive way. Padma loves to connect with our beautiful Santa Cruz community and is happy to answer any questions. She can be found on instagram @aubrey.padma.wellbeing or please visit for upcoming offerings, services, or to book individual holistic healing sessions.