Sidney Nicol :

Certified Yoga Instructor 2004 – Present

I have been practicing yoga since the age of 19. My foundational experience with yoga was with senior Iyenger teacher, Ben Thomas. A few years later Mount Madonna Center was where I received my Astanga (eight limb) Yoga Teacher Certification under the philosophy and teachings of Baba Hari Das. I was blessed to have Babji’s direct instruction throughout my month of Yoga Teacher Training. This was an intensive 12 hours per day retreat in the Santa Cruz mountains while living in a tent overlooking the Monterey Bay – absolutely life changing! I went back two more years to assist the following YTT programs.

As a teacher I enjoy diverse environments and students… Yoga studios, private in home sessions; fitness gyms, retreats and movement camps, specialty teaching for drug rehab centers, after school programs, corporate offices throughout California as well as New Zealand and Australia. Styles include Hatha, Vinyasa, Pre & Post Natal, Mama & Baby and Children’s Yoga.

With an extensive 20+ years background each in massage, dance and yoga I bring a developed and intuitive awareness of body alignment along with a natural passion to work with clients and students in gaining optimum strength, agility and ease in their bodies. I work as a teacher, hands on practitioner, guide and constantly curious student of the endless possibilities!