Kayla Copeland :

Kayla Copeland has been teaching Vinyasa and Yin Yoga since 2013 and practicing a variety of different styles including Vinyasa, Yin, and Bikram Yoga since 2003. Kayla was first introduced to the practice by her mother as a way to connect and find inner peace as a young woman. She met one of her main teachers to this day, Aimee Nitzberg, when she was 14 and continues to practice with her today. Kayla has also been greatly inspired by Sri Dharma Mittra, Eoin Finn, Richard Freeman, Meghan Currie, David Swenson, Paul and Suzee Grilley along with many many more. Kayla has studied extensively with Sri Dharma Mittra, Aimee Nitzberg, Kenny Graham and Hannah Muse and has received over 500 hours of yoga training. Kayla Copeland incorporates fluid movement with breath awareness into her classes. Exuding a warm, playful, and creative spirit to the practice, Kayla beautifully balances this element with detail to alignment, form, strength, and grace.

From the young age of 14, yoga began transforming Kayla’s life as it continues to to this day. Since beginning the practice, she has had a strong passion for helping others find their path to happiness and peace in their bodies and hearts. Her goal is to welcome everyone, at any age, to begin or to continue to grow this incredibly transformative way of living life. She currently works with Mini Mermaids Running Club for girls in hopes to bring yoga to the younger generation on women on this planet!