Kayla Copeland :

Kayla Copeland has been a student of yoga since the early 2000’s.

She was first introduced to yoga from her mom, as a teenager. It wasn’t before long that she found herself attending classes (almost) every day after school.

She continued with her steady yoga practice through college and then decided to study more in depth and move into the beautiful path of teaching. She completed her first 200hr Teacher Training with Sri Dharma Mittra in New York City in 2012 and considers him to be one of her main teachers.

Kayla has also been greatly inspired by Eoin Finn, Richard Freeman, Meghan Currie, David Swenson, and Aimee Nitzberg along with many more and has received well over 500 hours of yoga training.

She incorporates a focus on well-being, self-love, and mindfulness into each one of her classes. Alongside fluid movement and breath awareness, she believes yoga to be a tool in connecting with our whole selves first and foremost; a method of transformation from the inside out.

Amidst teaching full time for public and private clients, hosting retreats around the world, and all the beautiful little details that life has to offer, Kayla very much enjoys the arts. She delicately weaves an essence of creativity and inspiration into every session.

You can out find more about her art here and at @kaylatahaniart on Instagram + stay up to date on all her upcoming retreats at www.oneloveyogaretreats.co