Kayla Copeland :

Practicing since 2003 and teaching since 2014, Kayla Copeland offers a practice focused in both strength and alignment as well as dynamic fluid movement in asana. Since beginning her yoga journey in 2003 as a 14 year old, Kayla’s core teachers include Sri Dharma Mittra of NYC and Aimee Nitzberg of Santa Cruz.

Asana is such a state of the art tool for the whole human being. Designed to bring a direct experience to the practitioner, through practice, yoga reveals the true self to the yogi. I love weaving in structure and alignment as well as delicate inspiration of imagery through practice. And what I love most of all is this on going journey of life. I never know what is coming next. I believe practicing in this moment is key.

When I’m not on the mat, teaching or practicing, you’ll probably find me in nature somewhere. Whether working in the garden, hiking with my dogs, or working on a painting outside the solace that is nature compliments my life on the yoga mat!

~Peace Om Namaste~