Niki Jaimes :

Niki Jaimes is the Founder of the Rising Wolf Collective — a spiritual community dedicated to embodied reclamation of the soul through the exploration of: nighttime dreams, the body, spirituality, nature reconnection and authentic expression.

As a professionally certified Dreamworker, Yoga Instructor and Meditation Instructor as well as a Writer and Educator, Niki is passionate about empowering her students and clients to find a home within themselves by reconnecting to their bodies and reclaiming their soul. Her movement and meditation classes are rooted in her own intuition and incorporate grounding somatic-based movements as well as journaling and joyous human expression.

She is in ongoing training with her indigenous, ancestral roots of Curanderismo, and so, her classes are informed by sacred ritual and prayer. All of her classes will encourage: connection to the dream world, active imagination, intuition cultivation, embodiment, ritual, energetic awareness and a deep connection to the natural world.

Niki has been a branding and marketing specialist for over 15 years, with her agency, VAGABOND Marketing, which has lended itself to becoming an Intuitive Business and Soul Coach. She works with all kinds of humans, from major corporations to individuals who are seeking a deeper connection to how they choose to build their expression in this world. All of this work is also deeply embedded with embodied movement and dreamwork practices.

Her mission is to help herself and others become empowered humans that truly embody their experience on this Earth with joy and love. To befriend the dark so we can step fully into our light.

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