Treva Rayne :

Treva Rayne is a woman driven by growth and expansion. She strives to live a life that’s foundation is built in compassion, truth, and authenticity

Treva Rayne has her own business that helps women find a peace in their life by aligning themselves to what they desire on a physical, mental emotional, and spiritual level to improve their overall wellbeing.

Treva Rayne comes from a lengthy background in the fitness industry. From personal training, to coaching, group fitness, and being a long time athlete herself she is grateful to land softly in the practice of yoga. After years of vigorous and demanding physical, mental and emotional exertion she has found a deep spiritual practice. She feels a fiery passion and an incredible refuge and respite in being a practicing yogi. She values the introspection that the practice of yoga has to offer.

Treva Rayne is a certified breath work and meditation. She also works closely with sound. She completed her yoga teacher training through pleasure point yoga. While teaching, she brings a balance of a challenging, yet reflective practice. Being a dynamic person she offers a deeply soft yet steady meditative state to the slower her classes.

In her free time she enjoys being out and exploring in nature, writing, reading, working out, art, dancing, wandering in new or familiar places, cooking, and of course yoga.