Hannah Muse :

One of Hannah’s greatest joys in life is welcoming folks of all backgrounds into kind, curious, brave, compassionate spaces that restore, heal, and bring us truly alive. Deemed the “midwife of possibility,” Hannah Muse is an award-winning, internationally-recognized teacher of mindfulness, mysticism, and yoga. As a mother and devoted student of Buddhism, neuropsychology, and mythology, Hannah is known for weaving complex teachings into accessible, heart-opening, world-shifting experiences. And for being just as silly as she is deep.

With a background in social and environmental advocacy, Hannah’s flavor of spirituality is inspired by our shared humanity and nourished by her deep love for the world. Hannah serves as President for the Yoga for All Movement, an organization that makes yoga and mindfulness accessible to individuals experiencing incarceration, people in recovery from substance abuse, survivors of domestic violence, and other underserved communities.

Over the past ten years, Hannah has trained hundreds of yoga and mindfulness teachers who bring these beneficial practices to various populations and communities throughout the world. She facilitates transformational retreats at the Esalen Institute, service retreats in Guatemala, spiritual pilgrimage in India, mythopoetic journeys in Greece and other yoga retreats in Mexico and Bali. She has been a featured presenter at dozens of conferences and festivals including Electric Forest, Bhakti Fest and Wanderlust.

When she’s not facilitating Awake Heart yoga teacher trainings, in practice with her beloved online meditation sangha Shelter in the Heart, or making healing accessible for underserved communities, you can find her in the ocean with her daughter, Ruby, and dancing wildly with her beloved, Brian. Find out more about her work/play at www.hannahmuse.com and follow Hannah’s adventures/musings at www.instagram.com/Hannah.J.Muse.

P.S. If you’re reading this, Hannah bows to you for finding your way here – through all the staggeringly beautiful and terrifying twists and turns of life – to this path of practice, where possibility awaits us. Welcome. May our practice be for the benefit of all beings!