Aerielle Webber :

My yoga journey began many years ago and has propelled me towards the life I want. I completed my 200 hour teacher certification under the guidance of world renowned teacher and author, Rolf Gates. I teach a vinyasa flow style class focusing on the relationship between body and breath, establishing the ability to listen to our own bodies with clarity and compassion. My intention is to bring yoga into the lives of as many people as possible, sharing the strength, beauty and peace that this practice brings us. I grew up here in the Santa Cruz area and I am honored to serve my community in this way. With yoga we begin to align our values and our actions. It is a practice where we link the mind, body and soul. Through skillful movements we break though blockages allowing for a clear passage of energy. With the cultivation of a yoga practice we strengthen our physical body and increase muscular and joint flexibility, while building mental fortitude. We learn to calm the movement of our busy minds as we bring awareness into every aspect of our physicality.

Yoga is a compliment to any lifestyle. With a regular practice we become more dynamic and powerful beings by encouraging the increase of blood flow, deepening the ability to use the breath as a tool and learning to overcome the patterns of our consciousness that may cause internal suffering. Begin living your life with vibrancy and confidence. I am looking forward to seeing you on the mat. Namaste.