Puja Chance :

I have had the honor of guiding individuals through a yoga practice since 2007 and more specifically vinyasa yoga flow since 2011. My aim is to meet students where they are in their journey and guide them on their path to inquiry of their breath and body and all the spaces in between. I bring a focus of alignment with a touch of playfulness to my classes. Expect to sweat, laugh, and hear your breath, and you may even soften your mind. My background in dance infuses my class with my deep love of music. As a massage therapist I bring my knowledge of anatomy and the human body into our practice on the mat. The path of being a student and teacher of this thing we call yoga has brought me joy and connection not only with myself but with a greater community focused on self-awareness, compassion and kindness for ourselves, for those we hold close and this planet as whole.

I have studied extensively with Janet Stone and Erika Abrahamian, and have spent several years studying the Mysore Ashtanga Yoga practice. I have also had the honor of studying with Kino MacGregor and Lino Miele. These days as a mother my newest and most profound teacher is my two year old daughter.

I have had the honor of leading yoga retreats since 2018. You can learn more about me at pujachanceyoga.com
Facebook: pujachanceyoga.com
Instagram: @pujachanceyoga