Alisha Slaughter :

Alisha Slaughter is a mom, wife and full time marketing professional with a passion for yoga, health and balance. She approaches each class first with the focus on breath, then on connecting to the needs of the body, and finally ties it all together through an asana flow that helps you connect more fully to both. Her teaching style is strong, yet offers flexibility, freedom and encouragement for each student to tune into the unique needs of their body in that class. Alisha was originally drawn to yoga over 10 years ago as a way to connect with friends, gain some flexibility and counteract some of the stress that a long history of being a runner was putting on her body. As her practice became more consistent, she began to notice that yoga is much more then just stretching. She realized that yoga not only had the power to transform her body in ways no other movement had, but also to provide support in other areas of her life both on and off the mat. As her body changed, so did her powers to connect more wholly to her breath and its ability to calm and clear her mind.

Through life’s ups and downs, yoga was a constant support in many ways. She knew that everyone needed yoga – especially people who think they don’t have time or are not flexible. Yoga is for everyone! She is a supporter of laughing, lightening up and having fun. Her style is playful and encouraging. Alisha loves teaching because it helps to balance out her life, share her love of yoga and connect with people in her community. She is thrilled to be part of the Pleasure Point family and is looking forward to helping people connect with their breath and bodies in unique ways through focus on breath and purposeful movement.

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