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2019 Rates

Yoga Pricing :
•  Drop In:  $18   •   One Week Intro:  $20 (1 per person)   •  Intro Month : $49 (1 per person)

•  10 Class Card:  $150 (1 year expiration) •  Monthly Unlimited:  $145

   6 month Auto-billing (minimum 6 month commitment):  $108/mo

• Private Sessions, 75 minutes: $135 per session, or series of 4 for $395 (4 month expiration)

Dance Pricing : 

Dance Drop In: $15Dance Student Drop In: $12 • Dance 10-pack: $130 • Dance 10-pack Student: $110

Kids Yoga : 
$30 drop in; $150 for 6 classes


60 Day Extension (for any 5, 10, or 20 Class Card): $25

all unlimited pass holders receive 20% off ALL workshops + apparel!
all class passes are good at BOTH locations ~ dance, KIDS yoga, movement & so much more! 

gift certificates are available!

passes are non-refundable and non-transferable



• Sunny Cove Beach (17th Ave): Sunday / Monday / Wednesday at 9am

• Jade Street Park (45th Ave – Meet on baseball field): Thursday 5:30pm & Friday 11am

• Twin Lakes Beach (left of Crow’s Nest): Saturday 9am

Class Descriptions

Mixed Flow :

Our basic flow class open to all levels of experience, beginner to advanced. Whether a newer yogi, or a more seasoned practitioner, be prepared to work hard and have fun.

Sweaty Flow :

Be ready to move, flow, sweat and let go.  A ramped up version of our mixed flow class with a faster pace and more vigorous flavor.  Previous yoga experience and foundation is required.

Slow Flow :

Slow Flow builds foundation, strength, and proper alignment. Poses are held for longer periods of time, allowing students to find their edge (that place in between exerting too much and not enough) and soften into the fire. Extended pranayama and meditation practice is also weaved into this all levels practice.  

Yin Yoga :

The perfect compliment to your vinyasa practice. In yin yoga, passive floor postures are held for several minutes in order to create a positive and safe ‘stress’ on the deep layers of connective tissue in the body. Yin poses help to maintain healthy joints especially shoulders, spine and hips while restoring optimal energy flow in the body and preparing the mind for a deeper state of relaxation and meditation.

Restorative Yoga :

Restorative is a gentle form of yoga that uses props (including blankets, blocks, bolsters, and straps) to support the body in full relaxation. Restorative yoga also leads the body and mind into deep stillness. This class is suitable and beneficial for all ages and levels of practice.

Prenatal Yoga :

A nurturing and welcoming class for mama. A blend of pranayama (breathing exercises) and asana to soften and surrender to opening, prepare for labor and childbirth, cultivate community and connection, and empower her to trust her own innate wisdom. Weekly Tuesdays at 12:30pm

Satsang :

“Satsang” is the search for truth in a community of friends. We come together to explore and share the foundational Yoga chants and teachings. We begin each session with the Gayatri Mantra, the ancient salutation to the Sun. We then spend time chanting and discussing the Yoga Sutra of Patanjali, practicing pranayama (breath exercises), learning mudras (hand gestures), and sitting for meditation. This is a free offering, open to everyone. Please feel free to join us Monday mornings: 7:30-8:35am. 

Yoga Nidra :

This class is designed to guide you into a deep and conscious relaxation of body, mind, and spirit: to a place between dreaming and waking. Yoga Nidra is often referred to as ‘Yogic Sleep’. It is said that 45 mins of Yoga Nidra is equivalent in benefits to 4 hours of traditional sleep. 2nd Mondays of the Month 7:15-8PM. Regular class pricing. 

Kirtan :

Kirtan is call and response chanting from the Bhakti Yoga tradition, a joyful practice of devotion. All voices are welcome. 3rd Mondays of the Month. 7:30-9PM – suggested $5-10 donation, no one will be turned away for lack of funds. 

Dance Fitness :

Come dance and sweat with us! This hour long adults’ dance fitness class blends high and low intensity dance moves, toning calisthenics and feel good music to work your body and feed your soul. All levels welcome!

What to Expect

Expect to move and breathe smoothly from one pose to another and if needed to take breaks in resting poses.  The style and sequence will vary depending on the teacher, our online schedule shows the teacher for each class.  The space, which is kept warm, (around 75-80 degrees) is simple and beautiful with high ceilings, bamboo floors and a wall of large frosted windows.


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