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Tier Green: In Studio Classes are OPEN and no longer limited! We have expanded our Class Offerings!

Please pre-register via our live schedule. 

We also offer Livestream and Outdoor Classes DAILY! These classes will continue year round!

We have built AN OUTDOOR STUDIO on the backside of our DANCE studio. Great for Kids! Or to soak up some sun during your cool down.

We have TWO Studios in ONE Complex: Pleasure Point Yoga and Pleasure Point Dance

We also have a MASSAGE Studio and Offer Yoga & Massage Packages – OPEN!






Main Yoga Studio: 3707 Portola Drive

Dance & Massage Studio: 3603 Portola Drive

All Levels, All Bodies, All Ways are Welcome Always!


Are you ready for a return to normalcy? We sure are!!! Whether you are or not, California is set to lift COVID restrictions on June 15th (NEXT TUESDAY). What does that mean? No more limitations on class sizes! AND, we are expanding our class schedule to support your practice – whether in studio, vitually at home, or outdoors at the beach or park! We are here to support you on your journey hOMe.

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We are a Yoga, Dance, and Massage Studio – – with TWO STUDIOS in ONE Business Complex. Are you a Yogi, curious about dance? Are you a dancer, interested in slowing down and going inside with yoga? Are you committed to your Self Care practice and to Self Love? Now is your chance to step forward with intention with our “Taste of Pleasure Point Yoga” Class Pass & Massage Packages:

  • The Warrior (Committed to Your Self Care): $249 (1 Monthly Unlimited Pass + 1 Massage + Sweatshirt)
  • The Tree Pose (Self Care Your Way): $259 (10 Class Pass + 1 Massage + Sweatshirt)
  • The Child’s Pose (For Mamas to be): $259 (10 PRENATAL Class Pass + 1 Massage + 1 Sweatshirt)

Yoga Classes: Please read more about our yoga classes HERE:
Dance Classes: Please read more about our dance offerings HERE:
Workshops / Events: Please read more about our workshops HERE:
Massage: Find more information about massage services & packages HERE:

Thank you for your continued support!! This has been such a tremendous year for all of us – – your committment to your yoga or dance practice and to our community and studio specifically, has touched our souls and hearts to the core! We would not still be here if it weren’t for your trememdous support this past year. We Love You!

We cannot wait to see you on your mat – – whether it’s in person or online, we cherish your presence and have so much gratitude to the energy you add collectively!



Yoga Class Schedule



Yoga Pricing

Commit to your personal yoga practice and create a pathway to peace, health, and happiness. We also offer privates and group yoga sessions either at the studio or in your home. Or, give yourself the ultimate in self care with an all inclusive Yoga & Massage Package.

Private Sessions (75 minutes): $135 per session, or series of 4 for $395 (4 month expiration)

60 Day Extension (for any 5, 10, or 20 Class Card): $25

Prop Package: $150 includes 1 blanket, 2 blocks, 1 bolster, 1 strap, 1 eye pillow (items also available for individual sale)

all passes are good for In Studio, Livestream, and Outdoor classes 

gift certificates are available!

passes are non-refundable and non-transferable


For purchase, please email or purchase directly via your account within MindBody HERE!




Yoga & Massage Packages:

Give Yourself the Ultimate in Self Care with a Yoga & Massage Package.

All come with a PPY Sweatshirt.  And are available with or without Yoga Privates and Prop Set (includes 1 bolster, 2 blocks, 1 blanket, 1 strap, 1 eye pillow). Massages are conducted by Pleasure Point Yoga’s approved and highly recommended Victoria Icaza, Certified Massage Therapist #10884. Read more about Massage and Victoria HERE!

  • The Savasana Plus (The Ultimate Self Care Package): $2,799 (1 Year Unlimited Classes, 12 Massages, 4 Yoga Privates + Prop Set + Sweatshirt). Purchase Here!
  • The Savasana (The Ultimate Self Care Package): $2,299 (1 Year Unlimited Classes, 12 Massages, 1 Sweatshirt). Purchase Here!
  • The Tadasana Plus (Standing Tall in Self Care): $1,699 (6 Months Unlimited Class Pass + 2 Yoga Privates + 6 Massages + Prop Set + Sweatshirt). Purchase Here!
  • The Tadasana (Standing Tall in Self Care): $1,299 (6 Months Unlimited Class Pass + 6 Massage + Sweatshirt). Purchase Here!
  • The Warrior Plus (Committed to Your Self Care): $499 (1 Monthly Unlimited Pass + 1 Yoga Private + 1 Massage + Prop Set + Sweatshirt). Purchase Here!
  • The Warrior (Committed to Your Self Care): $249 (1 Monthly Unlimited Pass +  1 Massage + Sweatshirt). Purchase Here!
  • The Deer Pose (Self Care Your Way): $399 (10 Class Pass + 1 Massage + Prop Set + Sweatshirt). Purchase Here!
  • The Tree Pose (Self Care Your Way): $259 (10 Class Pass + 1 Massage + Sweatshirt). Purchase Here!
  • The Child’s Pose (Mamas-to-be): $259 (10 PRENATAL Class Pass + 1 Massage + Sweatshirt). Purchase Here!

Dance Class Schedule

Dance Pricing:

First Class Free!

Drop In: $15 • 10-pack: $130 

•  Intro Week:  $20 (1 per person) •  Intro Month:  $49 (1 per person)

• The Dancer Package: $239 (10 Dance Only Class Pass + 1 Massage + 1 Sweatshirt). Purchase Here!

all passes are good for In Studio, Livestream, and Outdoor classes 

gift certificates are available!

passes are non-refundable and non-transferable





Outdoor Classes – Beach & Park Locations:

Sunny Cove Beach (17th Ave): Location found HERE!
Sunday / Wednesday 9am – 10:15am
Jade Street Park (45th Ave – baseball field) : Location found HERE!
Tuesday / Thursday 10:30am – 11:45pam
Wednesday 5:30pm – 6:45pm (PRENATAL YOGA)
Twin Lakes Beach (lifeguard tower left of Crow’s Nest): Location found HERE!
Saturday 9am – 10:15am

Livestream Class Process:

Step 1: Register and Pay for Class via MindBody at least 1 hour before the start of class. CLICK HERE to register!

Step 2: Please check your email for the link to class. We will email you this roughly 15 minutes before the start of each class. The email will come from Please click on the link in the body of that email. This will redirect you to the Registration step with Zoom. If you cannot find this email in your inbox, please check your Junk folder.

Step 3: Register with Zoom: Please check that the First Name, Last Name, and Email you see on the registration step matches with your account info you used to enroll in class via MindBody (Step 1). If this matches, Zoom will let you into the livestream environment.

Step 4: Drop in and enjoy class!


In Studio Housekeeping / Safety Rules: June 15th, 2021

  • Please enter and exit the studio with your face mask / face covering. Masks are optional once on your mat.
  • It is your responsibilty to ensure the health and safety of yourself and others. Stay home if you are sick, expect to get medical care, or have traveled more than 100 miles in the last 14 days.
  • Classes will no longer be limited! Please continue to Pre-enroll / pay via MindBody to ensure your spot and an efficient check-in.
  • Walk-ins are also welcome! We accept credit, debit, cash, check
  • Self Check-in is back! If you have Pre-Registered, please sign in on the ipad by entering your name or email.
  • Props are available for use, free of charge! Please return your prop neatly to the prop station where you found it.
  • If you use one of our mats, please always clearn it with our clearning solution before putting it away.
  • We will thoroughly clean and sanitize our studio both before and after each class session.
  • Thank you for doing your part so that we can continue to safely offer yoga to the community
  • N a m a s t e

In Studio Cancellation Policy:

  • CANCELLATION POLICY: Due to size constraints, please understand there will be:
  • NO REFUNDS FOR NO SHOWS, no exceptions.
  • LATE CANCELLATION FEE: We request a full 24 hours notice to allow others to plan for in studio classes. 

Yoga Class Description:

All Levels, All Bodies, All Ways are Welcome Always!

Mixed Flow : Vinyasa Flow – All Levels

Vinyasa Flow builds strength, flexibility, balance, and helps to align mind, body and spirit by consciously directing, using, and linking each breath to movement seamlessly from one “asana” or posture to another. Each class is a dynamic, flowing practice, that builds on itself – – no two classes are alike. Each class will use yoga elements of Pranayama (breathwork), Asana (physical postures), and Meditation and hopes to promote a pathway to inner peace and happiness. It’s an awesome full body physical workout too! Welcome to All Levels, All Bodies, All Ages, All Ways!

Sweaty Flow : A more vigorous Vinyasa Flow – All Levels

Be ready to move, flow, sweat and let go!  A ramped up version of our mixed flow class with a faster pace and more vigorous flavor.  Previous yoga experience and foundation is required.

Slow Flow : A slower paced Vinyasa Flow – All Levels

Slow Flow builds foundation, strength, and proper alignment. Poses are held for longer periods of time, allowing students to find their edge (that place in between exerting too much and not enough) and soften into the fire. Extended pranayama and meditation practice is also weaved into this all levels practice. 

Slow Functional Stretch: Deep Stretch & Functional Movement for Early Risers – All Levels

Imagine the possibility of finding a way to combine deep stretch, functional movement and yoga all together. This class helps you to slow down, take a breath and deepen the connection with your mind movement and breath. We are able to explore how to adapt each pose to ourselves and benefit from the gentler and kinder approach to movement. Melissa has combined her 21 plus years of training in aquatic therapy, massage therapy and yoga to share this movement with her class. This is suitable for all levels of yoga participants and great for beginners too. Great for before or after your morning surf session or workout, or simply a great way to ready yourself for your day!

Yin Yoga : Relax, Rejuvenate, Renew

The perfect compliment to your vinyasa practice. In yin yoga, passive floor postures are held for several minutes in order to create a positive and safe ‘stress’ on the deep layers of connective tissue in the body. Yin poses help to maintain healthy joints especially shoulders, spine and hips while restoring optimal energy flow in the body and preparing the mind for a deeper state of relaxation and meditation.

Restorative Yoga : Regenerate and Restore

Restorative is a gentle form of yoga that uses props (including blankets, blocks, bolsters, and straps) to support the body in full relaxation. Restorative yoga also leads the body and mind into deep stillness. This class is suitable and beneficial for all ages and levels of practice.

Prenatal Yoga : For Mommy’s to Be

A nurturing and welcoming class for mama. A blend of pranayama (breathing exercises) and asana to soften and surrender to opening, prepare for labor and childbirth, cultivate community and connection, and empower her to trust her own innate wisdom.

Satsang : Mantras, Sutras and Mudras, Oh My!

“Satsang” is the search for truth in a community of friends. We come together to explore and share the foundational Yoga chants and teachings. We begin each session with the Gayatri Mantra, the ancient salutation to the Sun. We then spend time chanting and discussing the Yoga Sutra of Patanjali, practicing pranayama (breath exercises), learning mudras (hand gestures), and sitting for meditation. This is a free offering, open to everyone. Please feel free to join us Monday mornings: 7:30-8:35am. 

Yoga Nidra : Sleep Meditation

This class is designed to guide you into a deep and conscious relaxation of body, mind, and spirit: to a place between dreaming and waking. Yoga Nidra is often referred to as ‘Yogic Sleep’. It is said that 45 mins of Yoga Nidra is equivalent in benefits to 4 hours of traditional sleep. 

Kirtan: Call & Response Chanting

Kirtan is call and response chanting from the Bhakti Yoga tradition, a joyful practice of devotion. All voices are welcome! 3rd Mondays of the Month. 7:30-9PM – suggested $5-10 donation, no one will be turned away for lack of funds. 

Crystal Bowl Sound Journey : Sound Healing

Kim Molloy is a Sound Alchemist divinely gifted with Sound and Energy Healing. She integrates Theta Healing, Reiki, and Angelic Healing energies. Kim channels energy and vibration from the higher dimensions into this earth plane.  The Crystal Bowls are the vehicle for transmitting these like codes, sounds, and energy vibrations. They are musically attuned to the chakras in the body infusing pure light vibration and harmonic sound waves that resonate into every cell.

What to Expect: YOGA

Expect to move and breathe smoothly from one pose to another and if needed to take breaks in resting poses.  The style and sequence will vary depending on the teacher, our online schedule shows the teacher for each class.  The space, which is kept warm, (around 75-80 degrees) is simple and beautiful with high ceilings, bamboo floors and a wall of large frosted windows.


Dance Class Descriptions:

All Levels, All Bodies, All Ways are Welcome Always!

Cardio Funk : Choreography Add-On Class – All Levels

CARDIO FUNK is a high energy all level choreography dance class to upbeat music where we build a fun and accessible dance routine over the hour for some serious satisfaction by the end. Starting with a warm-up then breaking down moves with a continuous cardio flow that includes some gut and ab toning, Alison’s clear and experienced style makes dancing our way to wellness AWESOME and available to all levels with no dance experience necessary!

Cardio Street Jazz : Choreography Add-On Class – All Levels

CARDIO STREET JAZZ – The notorious and glorious Joy Smith will be teaching Cardio Street Jazz! Joy is widely known for her heart pounding, soul awakening routine’s taking dancers from “Show Girl” to “Hip Hop Street” dancer. You will learn step-by-step, non-intimidating breakdown of Street Jazz and its essential moves and styles (Street Jazz, Cardio Funk, Hip Hop), plus a simple choreo/routine. This class will deepen your dance knowledge and technique. Come one, come all! And access the dancer inside of you!

ALL LEVELS WELCOME – No Prior Dance experience necessary.

Urban Dance CardioGlow : Urban Hip Hop Dance & Movement Class – All Levels
This urban hip-hop dance class blends a warm-up, light choreography breakdown, steady-state cardio and a short cool-down. People of all backgrounds, ages, and fitness levels experience increased joy, energy, confidence, self-esteem, and self-love through urban hip-hop moves and dance. This class is a crowd pleaser with high energy and soul fun!
Just Dance Cardio : Dance Fitness – All Levels
Just Dance Cardio – Just Dance is a recipe for a delicious dance cardio sweat sesh. Move to your favorite popular songs combining dance styles from hip-hop, funk, jazz and contemporary while spicing it up with a bit of musical theater. No pro skills needed. Just a passion for dance, love of music and the desire to move!
Tropical Fusion : Latin & African Based Dance Fitness – All Levels
Tropical Fusion is a high-energy dance fitness class with music from Brazil, the Caribbean, Latin America, and beyond. We’ll journey through dance styles like Samba, Salsa, Dancehall, Afrobeats, Soca, Rhumba, Cumbia, Calypso, and more resulting in one hour of juicy and joyful movement! Class includes a warmup, cardio dance, easy-to-learn choreography, and cool down. Open to all levels and abilities! Come free your hips, shake your booty, open your heart, express yourself, and feel the Tropical rhythms feed your soul!
Zumba : Latin Dance Inspired Fitness – All Levels
This dance class is an hour of high energy, booty shaking, sweaty fun, filled with the tropical and latin vibes of Samba, Salsa, Reggaeton, Soca, Dancehall, and more. Join us as we travel through a global music and dance journey!
Mixed Barre : A Ballet-inspired core conditioning class for long, lean muscles and strength down to your toes – All Levels

A low impact mix of ballet barre exercises that are accessible to everyone, yoga, core work, arm work, a dash of tai chi and finishing with a delicious hip-opening stretch cool down. Easy to follow with great music and a fun variety of approaches working all muscle groups while improving posture and balance, all with a-bit-o-grace.

Challenge your balance by flexing, pointing, bending, and pulsing to feel taller, stronger, and leaner.

Benefits of Mixed Barre: Longer, leaner muscles, Muscle Endurance, Balance, Flexibility, Coordination, Agility, Relative Strength

Pilates Flow : Classical Pilates in a dance format – All Levels
POP Pilates is a new take on classical Pilates. It incorporates Pilates into a dance format. In fact it’s often called: Dancing on the Mat!
Pilates is a mind body exercise that challenges your core while sculpting longer and leaner muscles, resulting in a toned dancer-like look. Pilates puts emphasis on alignment, breathing, developing a strong core, and improving coordination and balance.
POP Pilates is basically Pilates and Pilates-inspired moves set to contemporary ”POP” music. This intense, mat-based workout challenges students to rhythmically flow from one exercise to the next, developing a rock solid core while leaving no muscle untouched. No equipment except a mat is need for POP Pilates. POP Pilates is designed to be a 55 minute workout of 13-15 songs with each song emphasizing work on a different muscle group. This program of choreographed songs, changes four times a year when there is a new choreography release from Cassey Ho, POP Pilates founder.
Coming Soon:
Ballet (Intermediate / Advanced Beginners) : Open to Intermediate & Advanced Beginners
Heels : Yep – Just as it Sounds! Learn to strut and dance in high heels! All Levels
Latin Funk : Dance Fitness & Add-On Choreography Class – All Levels

Samba, Salsa, Cumbia, Merengue, Reggaeton, Bachata, Hip Hop – – all street versions & non partner style


What to Expect: DANCE

Expect to move, sweat and have fun in a highly positive and motivating environment! Expect to let go and express yourself, build self-esteem, and dance like “no one is watching”.  The dance style will vary depending on the teacher and class – our live schedule shows the teacher for each class.  The space, which is kept cool, (around 65-68 degrees) is welcoming, spacious, and beautiful with mirror, bamboo floors, and an awesome sound system! There is plenty of cross flow and air in this spacious room – we dance with doors and windows open, have floor and ceiling fans, and air purifiers.

Our outdoor studio (opening in February!) is located on the backside of the dance studio on a quiet, private road. The outdoor studio is built on a level platform, with a sprung vinyl studio dance floor, mirrors, waterproof awning covering to protect from weather, space heaters, lots of air and cross flow, and sound system!  

All Levels, All Bodies, All Ways are Welcome Always!

please email for inquiries