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Tier Orange: In Studio Classes are OPEN! We’ve expanded our dance class offerings for April!

Please pre-register via our live schedule. Given space limitations, there are No Refunds for No Shows. Late Cancellation Fee of $10 (if you cancel within 4 hours of start of class)















Studio Rental & Availability: The Studio is also availabe for Rent!! If you are looking to rent the dance studio for your independent dance school, to host privates, rehersals, dance practice or looking for an ideal place for your dance or movement classes – we’ve got you!  The studio is equipped with ceiling hardware and ready for Hanging / Flying Arts, Aerial, Trapeze, Hammocks, Slings! Please email

Dance like no one is watching!


Dance like EVERYONE is Watching! Fire!



All Levels, All Bodies, All Ways are Welcome Always!

Dance Price List & Pricing Packages

Drop-In: $15 / 10 Class Pass: $130 / First Class Free!

Intro Week: $20 (limit 1 per customer) / Intro Month: $49 (limit 1 per customer)

Express yourself and dance your way to health and happiness! Dance passes are good for in studio, livestream, or outdoor dance classes only (excludes Yoga classes). Give yourself the ultimate in self love and adornment with a Dance & Massage Package. available.

All come with a PPY Sweatshirt.

Massages are conducted by Pleasure Point Yoga’s approved and highly recommended Victoria Icaza, Certified Massage Therapist #10884.

For purchase, please email or purchase directly via your account within MindBody.

Livestream Process 

COST: $15 Drop-In / $130 10 Class Pass / First Class Free!

For those who prefer to dance in the comfort of their own home or hotel while traveling, please join us via Livestream!

Cardio Funk Dance IN STUDIO – STARTS MARCH 15th!

INSTRUCTORS: Alison Chesley

DATE: Monday & Thursday

TIME:  5:30pm – 6:30pm

COST: $15 drop in / $130 10 Class Pass / First Class Free!

LOCATION: 3603 Portola Drive, in our dedicated DANCE and Movement Studio.  

CARDIO FUNK is a high energy all level choreography dance class to upbeat music where we build a fun and accessible dance routine over the hour for some serious satisfaction by the end. Starting with a warm-up then breaking down moves with a continuous cardio flow that includes some gut and ab toning, Alison’s clear and experienced style makes dancing our way to wellness AWESOME and available to all levels with no dance experience necessary!

Just Dance Cardio IN STUDIO – STARTS MARCH 18th!

INSTRUCTORS: Deborah Yates

DATE: Thursday

TIME:  10:00 – 11:00am

COST: $15 drop in / $130 10 Class Pass / First Class Free!

LOCATION: 3603 Portola Drive, in our dedicated DANCE and Movement Studio.  

Just Dance Cardio – Just Dance is a recipe for a delicious dance cardio sweat sesh. Move to your favorite popular songs combining dance styles from hip-hop, funk, jazz and contemporary while spicing it up with a bit of musical theater. No pro skills needed. Just a passion for dance, love of music and the desire to move!

Urban Dance Cardio Glow IN STUDIO – STARTS April 6th!

INSTRUCTORS: Desiree Phillips

DATE: Tuesday & Wednesday

TIME:  9:00 – 10:00am

COST: $15 drop in / $130 10 Class Pass / First Class Free!

LOCATION: 3603 Portola Drive, in our dedicated DANCE and Movement Studio.  

Désirée Phillips is a local dancer with a 20+ year background of promoting self-esteem and body-love through movement, dance, workshops, and motivational seminars worldwide. People of all backgrounds, ages, and fitness levels benefit from her passion to spread the experiences of self-love through urban hip-hop moves and dance.

This urban hip-hop dance class blends a warm-up, light choreography breakdown, steady-state cardio and a short cool-down.

Zumba IN STUDIO – STARTS April 6th!


DATE: Tuesday

TIME:  10:15 – 11:15am

COST: $15 drop in / $130 10 Class Pass / First Class Free!

LOCATION: 3603 Portola Drive, in our dedicated DANCE and Movement Studio.  

This dance class is an hour of high energy, booty shaking, sweaty fun, filled with the tropical and latin vibes of Samba, Salsa, Reggaeton, Soca, Dancehall, and more. Join us as we travel through a global music and dance journey!

Tropical Fusion IN STUDIO – STARTS April 8th!

INSTRUCTORS: Allison Haley

DATE: Thursday

TIME:  9:00 – 10:00am

COST: $15 drop in / $130 10 Class Pass / First Class Free!

LOCATION: 3603 Portola Drive, in our dedicated DANCE and Movement Studio.  

Tropical Fusion is a high-energy dance fitness class with music from Brazil, the Caribbean, Latin America, and beyond. We’ll journey through dance styles like Samba, Salsa, Dancehall, Afrobeats, Soca, Rhumba, Cumbia, Calypso, and more resulting in one hour of juicy and joyful movement! Class includes a warmup, cardio dance, easy-to-learn choreography, and cool down. Open to all levels and abilities! Come free your hips, shake your booty, open your heart, express yourself, and feel the Tropical rhythms feed your soul!

Instructor Bio:

Allison Haley shares her love for dance through an approachable teaching style that combines infectious music, fun choreography, and lots of juicy movement! She feels passionate about sharing the empowerment, expression, community, and mind-body connection that dance provides.

Allison is a lifelong student of dance with an endless curiosity for cultural dance forms. For over 15 years she has studied African Diasporic dance with teachers from Brazil, Cuba, the Caribbean, and Latin America—learning Samba, Afro-Brazilian, Dancehall, Soca, Afrobeats, Salsa, Rhumba, Bomba, Calypso, and more. Her first exposure to these dance styles was as a teenager when she would travel to the Caribbean to visit her father, who lived there part of the year. As an adult, she is grateful to have learned from master teachers such as Marsea Marquis, Dhanda DaHora, Rosangela Silvestre, Vera Passos, Alvaro Reys, Marcelo Chocolate, Libby Miga, Latoya Bufford, Betty Rox, Erica Dixon, and many more. Allison has a long performance history in both dance and musical theater, both as a performer and event producer. She is also a certified Zumba instructor, bringing that knowledge to her classes to create an inviting, inclusive environment for self expression! Learn more about Allison at

Pilates Flow Livestream

INSTRUCTORS: Elizabeth Charlton

DATE/Time: Tuesdays 5:30pm & Thursdays 11am

COST: $15 Drop In / $130 10 Class Pass



INSTRUCTORS: Alison Chesley



COST: $15 Drop In / $130 10 Class Pass

LOCATION: 3603 Portola Drive, in our dedicated DANCE and Movement Studio.  


American Tribal Style Belly Dance

CONTACT INFO: Inna Dagman: (415) 672 – 4259 /

LOCATION: 3603 Portola Drive, in our dedicated DANCE and Movement Studio.  

American Tribal Style Belly Dance® (Also knows as ATS® and FCBD® style) is a modern dance dialect with ancient roots. In this style we learn a common dance vocabulary, which allows us to dance together improvisationally. This keeps it incredibly alive, spontaneous, and allows us dancers to experience a moment-to-moment connection to our own creativity and to each other, which helps create much joy and fulfillment. These healing, joyful, sisterhood-creating aspects have led to this dance style spreading across the world!

The movements of ATS® belly dance are inspired by traditional Middle Eastern belly dance, classical Indian, north African, and Flamenco dance styles. These classes will help you develop strength and flexibility, a healthy uplifted posture, confidence, self-love, and a healthy connection to your femininity. All ages, backgrounds, and shapes welcome!

Level 1: Wednesdays 6:00pm – 7:00pm
Fundamentals of American Tribal Style Belly Dance® (FCBD® style) – beginner level, no experience necessary.

Level 2: Wednesdays 7:15pm – 8:30pm
Intermediate, student performance troupe. Knowledge of ATS® foundations and instructor approval needed.

About the instructor: Inna Dagman

Inna has had a passion for dance her whole life, however, finding belly dance represents a transformative moment in her evolution as a woman, artist, and healer. This ancient feminine form of movement first entranced Inna in 2010, in San Francisco CA at the legendary Fat Chance Belly Dance® studio, the birth place of the now world-renowned American Tribal Style® Belly Dance. She witnessed women of a variety of shapes, ages and backgrounds, proud beautiful bellies exposed, dancing together as empowered sisters. The room was filled with joy, pride, and the magnetic power of the feminine. Inna was hooked. Since that moment years ago Inna has become an acclaimed tribal belly dancer, teaching and performing regularly in the Santa Cruz area and beyond. She leads a student troupe of women dancers, Shekinah Tribal Belly Dance, where the focus is on embodiment of the Divine Feminine, and healthy connection among women.
Inna has also completed an extensive internship focused on the healing effects of dance, at the Center for Arts in Medicine at the University of Florida. She has had the honor to learn from leaders in the filed of healing through creativity and went on to facilitate workshops and groups on healing creativity and dance at hospitals, universities, in private settings, and currently, at an addiction recovery center, Embodied Recovery. In 2015 Inna has also entered private practice as a healing bodyworker, specializing in Craniosacral therapy.
Currently, in both her performance and teaching dance offerings, Inna focuses on dance as a transformational force for healing and embodiment of the Sacred.

Healing bodywork:

Rollertainment IN STUDIO-ONHOLD



COST: $15 drop in / $130 10 Class Pass

LOCATION: 3603 Portola Drive, our dedicated DANCE and Movement Studio


Rollertainment: Born to Skate; Always Ready to Roll!
Rollertainment is roller exercise, skating, and dance movement that is FUN, low impact, and great for all ages to find their inner stoke and flow.
Nic is a Soul Skater! “When I skate, energy flows through me. I am able to be present in the moment, and be one with it”.
Find your skates and find your stoke!
Open to All Levels, All Ways, Always.