Hailey Kinter :

“No mud, no lotus”
Similar to the lotus flower, which blooms in muck, Hailey’s (she/her) yoga journey began with tragedy. At 13 years old, her health rapidly deteriorated due to a rare disease, and Hailey has been fighting for her life ever since.

Hailey credits her yoga practice for thriving with advanced illness & disability.
From all the mud, a beautiful lotus arose. As getting sick, injured, and aging is a natural part of life, Hailey strives to bring yoga representation and cOMmUNITY for all bodies. As Krishnamacharya said, “If you can breathe, you can do yoga.”
Hailey is a Santa Cruz native who loves spending time with family and friends, soaking up nature and going on adventures.

Hailey has earned the following credentials:

200-hour and 300-hour Teacher Trainings (from Emily Perry & Kenny Graham at Pleasure Point Yoga);
Accessible Yoga Teacher Training (Jivana Heyman);
Accessible Yoga Ambassador & Yoga for Bendy People / Hypermobility Certification (from Libby Hinsley)