Join us on a magical 8 day experience during the Summer Solstice June 2021 on a Full Moon Solstice Yoga & Ocean Adventure with Rae Rae Stein & Megan McAllister! The Full Moon will rise at 7:49 on June 24th over the horizon of the Caribbean Sea surrounding the turquoise shores of Isla Mujeres. On a tropical island where incredible views of the sunset are visible from the west coast and glorious views of the Full Moonrise can also be seen from the east, we will gather and celebrate. Does a transformational week on a Caribbean Island participating in daily group outdoor yoga, intentional meditations and rituals, and adventure excursions sound like a magical way to ignite your inspiration? If you are craving outdoor adventure, the ocean, and powerfully intimate, intentional gatherings then say hello to this Summer Solstice experience! Ocean-loving yoga instructor Rae Rae, alongside mermaid Goddess and owner of Pleasure Point Yoga, Megan, invite you to join them on this epic journey into your soul and into the sea.
🔥Cardio Funk: Monday & Thursday 5:30pm
🔥Urban Dance Glow: Tuesday & Wednesday 9am
🔥Zumba: Tues 10:15am
🔥Tropical Fusion: Thurs 9am
🔥Just Dance Cardio: Thurs 10am
🔥Adv Beginners Ballet: Fri 10:15am
🔥Heels: Friday 6:30pm
Drop it like it’s HOTT!!
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Come Home to You. Johanna gently guides you through a series of deeply relaxing poses while singing and playing soothing songs and chants. Her class uses principles from restorative, therapeutic, and gentle yoga, yoga nidra, and subtle body and breathwork. The music provides a luxurious, peaceful space for the mind to rest while the body relaxes, rebalances, and restores itself.