FREE Freestyle Dance Master Classes with Vaidehi & Megan. Your Dance Ritual – Freestyle Movement Class: Embody Character Through Quality of Movement, Mirror work, Learn & Discover your Movement Archetypes, Listen to Music, Active vs Passive Stretching & Flexibility, About Our Goddess Embodiment Program

The unique healing modality of Thai Massage includes body positions similar to yoga combined with massage which follow a system of energy lines throughout the body. Benefits include increased flexibility and range of motion, deep release of muscular tension as well as a space to practice mindfulness and breath awareness.

Come Float Your Stress Away! Join us for this special Floating Sound Meditation experience w/ Shane Thunder! Utilizing a plethora of gemstone crystal bowls, planetary & elemental gongs, chimes, and other instruments, you are in store for a blissful and uplifting journey! Hammock & Floor Seating options.