Learn techniques for giving massage effortlessly using your whole body. Use proper body mechanics, body weight & rhythmic compression. Move & be moved into delicious assisted stretches. Gain communication skills of giving & receiving feedback. Co-create a safe environment for connection & playfulness

RETURN TO SELF: GREECE YOGA + CULTURAL EXPERIENCE with Kayla Copeland & Megan McAllister in Spartia, Kefalonia, Greece – April 27th – May 4th. Journey to crystal clear waters decorated with sandy coves and dry rugged landscapes, cascading limestone cliffs, sparkling bays adorned with white sandy beaches. Relax, unwind, and drop into your heart and return to self as we come together in community, movement, breath, mediation, yoga, and play. Come home to yourself and immerse yourself deeper in your yoga practice while embracing and honoring another culture in our Yoga and Cultural reset and restore experience