Empower yourself and commit to self love, creativity, and expansion supported by our expanded Pole Dance program (we now have ceiling poles!!!). Bring movement, clarity, self expression, and play in a safe and loving container that builds healthy confidence, trust an d a compassionate inner voice.

Moving energy, we’ll practice setting the automatic story aside to open up
creative pathways and write from your authentic core. We’ll bridge the mind and body with gentle yoga & meditation, tapping into your deeper experience. This class is for anyone wanting to explore the unconscious and unleash creativity toward a deeper connection to yourself.


Peace Warriors Movement Arts Camps offer a creative environment which focuses on cultivating a kind and compassionate inner voice as Peace Warriors are guided through yoga, mindfulness, movement arts (capoeira, gymnastics, dance, etc), rhythm & music, and art activities in a safe and supportive environment. These activities will teach children techniques for self-regulation, building awareness of their response systems, while giving them self-management tools to deepen their awareness of themselves and their environments as a way of experiencing more peace and connection. Each day will focus on a different theme relating to the cultivation of Peace, Courage and Compassion while having fun!