Chelsea Shapouri :

Chelsea is a Holistic Chef and Yoga teacher currently studying to get a practitioner license in Ayurveda who relocated to Santa Cruz from Ventura, California. Chelsea lives and breathes the philosophy of yoga, community, seasonal living, and the state of harmony that flow brings into her life. She has studied an array of Asana styles that all influence her practice she shares to this day; Bhakti, Danyasa dance yoga therapy, Traditional Hatha, Sequencing with the Chakras, Prana Flow and basic Vinyasa. Her style includes a very unique sequencing that combines a global perspective of the roots of yoga and the art and science of flow. It is a way to go deeper into your practice focusing on the energetic body as it relates to our physical body. Everything in life begins with embodiment to Chelsea. Yoga to her isn’t just a physical practice but more of a deep exploration of the self; a way back home to our authentic primal state of being that includes community, strength, mindfulness, acceptance, and connection to the elements that nature provides.