Danceography :

DANCEOGRAPHY is a combination of choreography and musical geography! Super fun dance routines set to current top 40, old-school Hip-Hop, and mutli cultural music. Danceography is co-created by Myra Ryan and Shannon Ketterman with a focus on having FUN dancing together to choreography ranging from Hip Hop and Dancehall & Afro Beats to Polynesian to Chair and Heels. Come enjoy a fabulously fun and friendly atmosphere with a workout for your body, brain, and smile.

Danceography is all about F U N, sweaty choreography where we get to laugh and dance together in pure joy!

Shannon and Myra have been dancing in the community for many years. Shannon has a background in Hip-Hop, Caribbean Dancehall, Afto Beats, and loves all forms of dance. Myra has a background in Polynesian, Hip-Hop, and Pop dance.