Désirée Phillips :

Désirée Phillips is a local dancer with a 20+ year background of promoting self-esteem and body-love through movement, dance, workshops, and motivational seminars worldwide. People of all backgrounds, ages, and fitness levels benefit from her passion to spread the experiences of self-love through urban hip-hop moves and dance.
Désirée Phillips has worked as a mentor and ontological coach for over twenty five years, supporting people in realigning their focus and appreciation for themselves, their natural gifts, and their future. She is an inspired leader, poet, new author, dancer, and Mom. Her unique programs and courses cover a number of topics related to personal awareness and conscious living through various modalities, including visual arts, movement, dance, fashion, quantum physics and collaborative events.
Her Story:
I was exhausted. Tired. Going through the motions. Not feeling my best emotionally, but wanting to feel better naturally.
I wondered…
 “What would happen if I did it?”
There I was, sinking my feet into warm sand across a beach full of people, sunlight bouncing off summer bodies, and all I wanted was to move my body like a wild woman under sun and sky to my soulful music. I wanted to lose myself in nature and express my internal rhythm. I could not deny my curiosity and had nothing to lose. I didn’t give myself a second chance to care about what I would look like. I dove into my desire and gave myself permission to GO FOR IT!
On that day, GlowPower was born. Today I enjoy this amazing experience like it was the first time every time. It is healing. Grounding. Profound. Liberating. Meaningful and limitless. There are no boundaries or choreography to follow. You and I get to follow ourselves, our music, and our endorphin-glow. The unique experience is a precious reminder that life is full of wonder. Each time I practice and share GlowPower with others, we are beaming and glowing from the inside-out. We are left with a divine reminder that each of our lives hold truth, value and genuine power.