Emily Perry :

Making the everyday sacred, Emily’s known for weaving energetics & Bhakti [devotion] into strong flow + soulful vinyasa practice. Emily Bhakti Vinyasa Flow Yoga, Mindfulness, & leads kirtan. Her classes and immersions are infused with energetic alignment, mudra, chanting, & pranayama. Emily teaches dynamic workshops at festivals, and leads retreats, immersions and teacher trainings globally. Her podcast, The Inner Shift, can be found on iTunes.
Born in Los Angeles, Emily came into contact with yoga and pilates as a dancer in L.A. and Santa Monica. It wasn’t until college in upstate New York, however, that the practice of yoga and meditation found her. She discovered yoga around the same time she started practicing Zen meditation. It was a book called “Light on Yoga,” that really hooked her, as she found it to be an amazing manual for living a joyful, healthy, peaceful life.

During that same time Emily began studying herbalism with Native American healers, and soon found a calling to study Chinese Medicine and holistic health. Eventually, when she returned to Los Angeles, she dove into vinyasa flow yoga during its early stages, and felt immediately at home. Emily is a student of Janet Stone, Chandra Easton and Scott Blossom, and still continues her meditation practice she began back in 1994.

Emily is committed to yoga as a path of awakening.

Find her online at www.emilyperryyoga.com