Hemie Ramirez :

Spiritual Practicioner, Mindfulness Coach, Yoga Teacher

Hemie is a spiritual practitioner and devout yogi whose focus is on energy healing and empowerment. She originally started working with teens in 2007, and since then has worked as a Counselor and Mental Health Specialist at multiple school sites. Although her path led her from therapy to spirituality and mindfulness, she is still passionate about helping teens heal and find their own voice.

As a Coach, she spends her time leading workshops, yoga classes, retreats, and online courses. And now is moving into facilitating mindfulness groups in schools and the local Santa Cruz community.

Over the last 15 years of being in the healing arena, she has crafted the art of holding space for others, and guiding them through their pain and into their empowerment. She is a Healer like no other with a gentle but fierce disposition to help her clients transform.

She brings the unique practice of Swami Sivananda’s Traditional style of yoga to Santa Cruz. After practicing for a decade she received her 200 YTT while on a spiritual journey in Mexico. She is a Healer with a gentle but fierce disposition to help her students transform. Inside her classes, you can expect to go deeper than going through a yoga flow.