Jessie Hess :

I began my studies to become a Yoga teacher in early 2011 after practicing yoga for more than a decade.
While there are countless ways to describe yoga, I think optimistic is the word I settle on. With every breath
we begin again and stepping onto our mats enables us to use our breath to reflect more richly inward in order to live more richly


Favorite Yoga Pose : Currently, the challenge of the Tittibasana series

In a word, how would you describe yourself? : Unburdened

3 Things I Can’t Live Without : My daughter, Olivia and husband, Jake, and the warmth and comfort of our home

Favorite Quote : “The temple bell stops, but the sound keeps coming, out of the flowers” ~Basho

Nicknames : Jess, J, and Big Mama ( the last one given to me by my daughter when she was 2 )

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