KIDS & Teen Classes: Capoeira, Movement Arts, Positive Psych & Mindfulness

KIDS Capoeira (Ages 7-12 years old) with Moises ‘Cipo’ Reyes Starts on Sept 14th


DATES: Wednesdays & Fridays

TIMES: 3:45pm – 4:45pm

KIDS PRICING: $15 Drop In / $120 10 Class Pass / $100 Monthly

LOCATION: 3603 Portola Drive, in our dedicated DANCE & Movement ArtsStudio.  

AGES: 7-12 Years Old


DESCRIPTION:  Kids Capoeira with Moises “Cipo” Reyes:
Capoeira is an amazing martial arts dance form and music / rhythm from Brasil encouraging self expression, discipline as well as lots of cool funky moves that can be done together with friends. It’s a bit like playing tag with your feet! Capoeira is a Brazilian martial art as well as a cultural experience.

Benefits to Children:

  • Exposure to beautiful movement arts, culture, music, and community from Brasil and around the world
  • Building inner and outer strength through physical and emotional connection
  • Gaining inner emotional awareness through self-regulation techniques
  • Increasing flexibility and creative thinking skills through play
  • Exploring breathing exercises, flowing sequences, balancing poses, developing expressive flow through movement arts
  • Expressing themselves through movement and music exploration






INSTRUCTOR BIO: Moises Reyes (Cipo) is the proud son of Mexican native parents from Michoacán and Jalisco Mexico. Moises moved from Los Angeles to Santa Cruz in 2006 to attend UCSC. There he met his Capoeira teacher and mentor, Mestre Papiba Godinho, of the international capoeira group, Raizes do Brasil centro cultural de capoeira. There Moises was given the name Cipo (vine) for his dreadlocks because they looked like vines that hang from trees in the amazon. Cipo has trained extensively under Mestre Papiba and Raizes do Brasil for more than 10 years. He slowly excelled in the belt ranks to the full blue cord he has today. The tittle is known as “Graduado”. With the blessing of his teaching, this position grants him the permission to hold/teach and monitor a space for Capoeira.

Cipo says that in his own words:
“Capoeira changed my life for the better. Committing to a Physical discipline that encompasses music, history, community and culture. Gave me tools to express myself in a unique and powerful way that i find to be very healing. They say capoeira is the martial art of Freedom. And i think its true to this day. it definitely helped liberate my mind, body soul. Therefore I’m forever grateful to this art form and feel very honored to be a part of this world wide practice.”
-Graduado Cipo
Moises Reyes


TEEN Positive Psych & Mindfulness Program (11 Week Course) w/Hemie Ramirez Sept 22nd – Dec 8th

INSTRUCTORS: Hemie Ramirez

DATES: Thursdays (Sept 22nd – Dec 8th) NO CLASS ON 11/24

TIMES: 4:00pm – 5:15pm

TUITION: $825 Total ($75 / Session) Pricing Plans & Multi-Child Discounts Available (See below)

LOCATION: 3603 Portola Drive, in our dedicated DANCE & Movement ArtsStudio.  

AGES: 11+ Years Old


Ages 11+
with Hemie Ramirez

11-Week Journey to Wholeness:

This program was created to help teens develop emotional intelligence by utilizing mindfulness and self-awareness. It was designed to help teens check in with themselves and build a strong connection with their inner guidance system. It is our desire, that through this course teens will walk away better equipped to not only handle the many challenges of adolescence but that they become conscious creators of their reality. May it lead them to their path of awakening, inner calm, and wholeness.

DATES: September 22nd – December 8th, 2022

DAYS / TIMES: Meets for 11 Weeks every Thursdays from 4:00pm – 5:15pm (No Class on Thursday, November 24th).

PRICING: Payment Plans Available

  • Single Child Enrollment: $75 per child/session (TOTAL $825)
  • Multi-Child Enrollment (2 or more): $50 per child/ session, for parents signing up more than one child per household

Single Child Enrollment:
11 weeks x $75 ($825 total)
Pay in Full: $825
Payment Plan Option 1: 2 payments of $444 ($888)
Payment Plan Option 2: 3 payments of $333 ($999)

About the Program:
Many teens have difficulty dealing with stress in effective ways. As a matter of fact, according to the latest research from the American Psychological Association, teens report higher levels of stress than adults do, (at least during the school year). And almost half of teens say they don’t know how to manage their stress. The two most common “strategies” teens use to cope with stress are playing video games and scrolling online which often only perpetuates the problem.

Mindfulness is to be in the present-moment with nonjudgmental awareness, and it is a powerful tool that teens can use to manage their stress and build a strong sense of Self. When teens consistently practice mindfulness, it decreases anxiety and depression and leads to better sleep, stronger relationships, and increased self-awareness.

Week 1: Introduction
What is mindfulness? What is positive Psychology? Sharing circle and creating student bios.

Week 2: Happiness Perspective
What defines our happiness? What does it mean to be happy?

Week 3: Thoughts & Feelings
Emptying the mind through meditation and alchemizing our emotions.

Week 4: Character & Virtues
Exploring our strengths, character, mindfulness, and personality.

Week 5: Confidence & Self-Esteem
Getting grounded, body positivity, and accepting ourselves. Referencing our week 4 virtues.

Week 6: Body Positivity & Body Awareness
Addressing body shaming, and redefining beauty. Confronting the inner critic with self-compassion.

Week 7: The Wisdom of the Body
Learning about the 7 energy centers, chakras, nutrition + intuitive eating, sleep, movement + exercise.

Week 8: Social Intelligence
Mindful listening and cyber awareness.

Week 9: Emotional Intelligence
Positive emotions exercise + awareness of others. Becoming the alchemist of our emotional system.

Week 10: Flow & Purpose
Finding purpose while going through so much change. Honoring teen brain.

Week 11: SMART Goals
Final class learning how to set smart goals and building a vision board.

About the Instructor: Hemie Ramirez

Spiritual Practitioner, Mindfulness Coach, Yoga Teacher

Hemie is a spiritual practitioner whose focus is on energy healing and empowerment. She originally started working with teens in 2007, and since then has worked as a Counselor and Mental Health Specialist at multiple school sites. Although her path led her from therapy to spirituality and mindfulness, she is still passionate about helping teens heal and find their own voice.

As a Coach, she spends her time leading workshops, yoga classes, retreats, and online courses. And now is moving into facilitating mindfulness groups in schools and the local Santa Cruz community.

Over the last 15 years of being in the healing arena, she has crafted the art of holding space for others, and guiding them through their pain and into their empowerment. She is a Healer like no other with a gentle but fierce disposition to help her clients transform.