Moises “Cipo” Reyes :

Moises Reyes (Cipo) is the proud son of Mexican native parents from Michoacán and Jalisco Mexico. Moises moved from Los Angeles to Santa Cruz in 2006 to attend UCSC. There he met his Capoeira teacher and mentor, Mestre Papiba Godinho, of the international capoeira group, Raizes do Brasil centro cultural de capoeira. There Moises was given the name Cipo (vine) for his dreadlocks because they looked like vines that hang from trees in the amazon. Cipo has trained extensively under Mestre Papiba and Raizes do Brasil for more than 10 years. He slowly excelled in the belt ranks to the full blue cord he has today. The tittle is known as “Graduado”. With the blessing of his teaching, this position grants him the permission to hold/teach and monitor a space for Capoeira.
Cipo says that in his own words:
“Capoeira changed my life for the better. Committing to a Physical discipline that encompasses music, history, community and culture. Gave me tools to express myself in a unique and powerful way that i find to be very healing. They say capoeira is the martial art of Freedom. And i think its true to this day. it definitely helped liberate my mind, body soul. Therefore I’m forever grateful to this art form and feel very honored to be a part of this world wide practice.”
-Graduado Cipo