Yoga Props for Sale

Prop Set: $150

Includes 1 Bolster, 2 Blocks, 1 Blanket, 1 Strap, & 1 Eye Pillow


Bolster: $75

Junior Bolster: $65

Meditation Cushion: $50

Cork Block: $20 

Foam Block: $15 

Blanket: $45

Strap: $15 

Sand Bag: $20

Silk Eye Pillow: $20














Women’s Clothing & Accessories

Yoga Inspired Cropped Sweatshirts: $60 

TOP SELLER!!!! Don’t let the picture fool you, these “cropped” sweatshirts are super soft and super flattering, on most body types. The size in the pic shown is a small and this style runs small (by one size). The Large, XL, and XXL are longer and will cover your waistline and fall below the button your your pants. When in doubt, order a size (or 2) up. I’m normally a Medium / Size 10, and have both the Large and XL. I prefer the XL as I don’t like my belly showing when I raise my hands and like a cozy sweatshirt that’s still cute. If normally a small, order a medium. If normally a medium, a large or XL. And if normally a large, prolly a XXL. Here are some Rough estimates based on a lot of trying on with friends and family of all sizes:

Medium: 4

Large: 6 or 8

XL: 8 or 10 (I am a 10 with a bust and it still covers my belly)

XXL: 12-14

Yoga Inspired Cropped Sweatshirts: $60

1. Mind Over Matter / Heart Over Mind










2. Dance is My Religion / Yoga is My Heart










3. I Bend So I Don’t Break









4. No Mud, No Lotus









5. Know Yoga, Know Peace










6. Namaste










7. Hoodie – Love










8. Zip Up Hoodies:



















Women’s T-Shirts:

Women’s Long Sleeve T-Shirt: $36 

8. Love – Off Scoop Neck: $36

Style: Bella + Canvas Flowy Long Sleeve Off Shoulder T-Shift

Colors: White Marble (shown), Light Blue Marble, Athletic Grey Heather, Midnight Blue







9. Women’s Flowy Long Sleeve V-Neck: $36

Style: Bella + Canvas Flowy Long Sleeve V-Neck

Available Colors: Midnight Blue, Grey








10. Drop Shoulder Long Sleeve T-Shirt:

Style: Comfort Colors Drop Shoulder Long Sleeve T-Shirt

Colors: Boysenberry, Flo Blu










Tank Tops: $25 

11. Placeholder


12. Placeholder:



DANCE INSPIRED Women’s Clothing & Accessories

DANCE inspired Long Sleeve Sweatshirt:$60 

1. Live, Love, DANCE









2. Turned My Wailing Into Dancing










3. Dance!












Men’s Clothing & Apparel