Sam Kabert :

Sam Kabert has gone from Serial Entrepreneur to Spiritual Seeker. Sam spent years grinding to build the business of his dreams and through non-profit work, content creation, a successful business and media agency was named to Silicon Valley’s 40 under 40 list at the age of 31. Yet he had felt more empty than ever in life, that is until he came across plant medicine. Since April of 2019, he’s been on an inward journey and feels more fulfilled, joyful and at peace than ever.

In 2021, Sam spent a month in Costa Rica on two separate occasions fully immersing himself in the culture while obtaining his 200 hour YTT in the style of Interdisciplinary Yoga at the Bodhi Tree in Nosara, Costa Rica. The previous version of Sam was vastly different as he was running his million dollar business and networking with The Who’s Who of Silicon Valley. Sam’s journey of self-discovery remembering has opened the spiritual door while invigorating a new passion and purpose in life. He is on a mission to help spread awareness around practices to tackle depression, sitting with discomfort and exploring your shadow for healing, as well as sharing standard tactics to maintain SOUL / Life Balance to unlearn the programming of Western Culture.

If you ask Sam what he is most passionate about, he would say unraveling the spiritual plane to understand the purpose of life and sharing that knowledge with others. Sam is also the Author of “SOUL / Life Balance: A Guide to Igniting & Integrating Spiritual Awakenings” and Host of the “SOUL SEEKR” Podcast. You can learn more at