Shar’ron Boren:

My desire as a yoga teacher is to continue to learn the art of simultaneous stillness and movement. My own personal practice has allowed me a greater understanding of the care and keeping of my body. For me Yoga has been a helpful healing tool. It offers us the time to observe the many messages that arise internally. Then as we feel these messages arise if we have the opportunity to listen which allows us the choice to nourish our selves at a deep and intimate level. Slow flow allows us to build from the foundation up. Learning integrity and expand more freely within that integrity. Yin Yoga guides us into the organs, bones, tendons, ligaments, and connective tissues – moving us past the superficial layers of the body and into emotions and sensations that we may have been avoiding. It encourages us to be curious about self discovery and helps us to cultivate a relationship with the deeper part of our being. As we expand our awareness and shifting our attention towards making healthy choices each and every day.

I believe in honoring the fact that each body is unique with needs that vary day to day. My focus as a student and a teacher is to work the unseen parts of the body. Engaging them with healthy “safe stress” mixed with the right amount of surrender.
Many of my sequences are influenced by the patterns within nature and the current season at hand.

I am anchored in my own spiritual practice and studies and lead from a place of self discovery. My goal is to continue training my mind to do less thinking and more feeling while holding the space for others whom share this same desire to explore the deeper and often unfamiliar parts of themselves.

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