Tara Maria Ford :

My intention is to guide each practitioner to align with their inner truth. I believe that through focusing on alignment while breathing slowly and deeply, we align with our unique voice. As we make this connection, we lift the burden of separateness and sink into the interconnectedness that is our essence.

I hold an MFA in Transformative Arts and am a 500hr registered yoga teacher. I have completed a trauma-informed yoga teacher training, Y12SR: Yoga of 12 Step Recovery leadership training, and a teen yoga teacher training. I am a certified Health and Wellness Coach guiding people through the process of sustainable change toward thriving in mind, body, and spirit.  In addition, I am a photographer and writer.

I have been practicing yoga asana since 2003 and meditation plus the other limbs of yoga since 1997. I have been teaching yoga asana since 2016 and meditation since 2007. I have studied with local teachers Rolf Gates, Kenny Graham, Emily Perry, and Victor Dubin.

Learn more about me and my offerings: WellnessCoachingWithTara.com

Instagram:  @TaraMariaFordYoga