Everyday Extraordinary: Harnessing!

Written by Jess Hess
    Spring is here and moving through us. It is a season of growth and change – energy that is both spontaneous and creative. Experiencing this energy can be exhilarating yet chaotic, even unsustainable – a disorganized spiraling out into the ether. To reap the full potential of your springtime flighty energy, look to ground yourself more fully in order to harness in all the goodness the season has to offer. When  I think about harnessing- I imagine it as a gathering in, an intentional gathering of energy in order to draw ones self back into a balanced state. Think of yourself as boat on the sea in slightly breezy, exciting weather. If you are adrift it can be difficult to enjoy the ride. But if you have a sail- the ability to harness the breeze and navigate more clearly- the ride becomes much more relaxing and enjoyable. That is the potential of working with your springtime, flighty energy!
    In your yoga practice drop into grounding aspects of asana (physical postures) to harness your physical and energetic strength. On the studio, on the beach or at home you can practice these qualities in familiar standing poses such as Warrior’s 1 & 2 (Virabhadrasana), Crescent pose (Ashta Chandrasana) and Mountain pose (Tadasana). Feeling our feet as anchors, connect through each toe, arch and edge with the earth and lengthen up through our limbs, core and crown with a sense of organized purpose. As you breath evenly run the energy up towards the heart and out through the hands- encouraging the mid-line (pelvic floor, through crown of head) to stay clear, strong and gathering in toward the spine. This action is simultaneously energizing and calming for the body-mind.
    In addition to honing in your yoga practice, taking a little extra time during your day to harness outward flowing energy inward toward greater balance.
* Take time away from computers and devices. So much input, all the time, can clutter and frazzle our minds.
* Eat AT LEAST one of your meals each day sitting, calmly nourishing your body.
* Harness your creative thoughts with lists to keep grounded and moving forward.
* Be in nature as much as possible be it your back yard, the ocean, the forest, for a moment and many– nature is everywhere and brings us to center!
* If you days are busy, give yourself small breaks to close your eyes, breath and re-charge.
photo: Lanny Headrick

photo: Lanny Headrick

   Enjoy your Spring for all it’s awakening and spontaneity while practicing a bit mindful harnessing of energy to make everyday extraordinary.