Rae Rae Stein :

After taking her first SCUBA course, during which she discovered the profound power of the breath and how it relates to one’s state of being, Rae Rae began her spiritual journey over 12 years ago and has been dedicated to her practice ever since. Growing up in an inflexible and unhealthy body with little self-awareness, she understands the challenges many people face when starting their practice. Her approach to teaching is inspired by her own direct experience of how a well-rounded 8-limbed yoga practice can enhance personal development, self-awareness, inner-peace, and physical and mental health. She completed her first 200-hr teacher training in Santa Cruz, CA in 2015 with Hannah Muse and Kenny Graham and has continued to study and deepen her practice and knowledge with teachers such as Wim Hof, Sadhguru, and Paul and Suzy Greeley. She welcomes all levels of yogis to her classes whom she hopes will leave feeling supported yet challeneged, strengthened and lengthened, and both empowered and powerful. She believes that getting to know the body from the inside out, and appreciating it for all the things that it CAN do, is one of the greatest gifts a person can give to themselves.