Yoga, Wine, & Fundraiser benefiting Nepal – this weekend!


Our wonderful Lisa Krigsman of Pleasure Point Yoga connects with Wanderlust Events to bring you a local yoga event this weekend at Hallcrest Winery in Felton, Ca – Saturday June 20th. Aimee Joy Nitzberg will lead us through a sweet yoga flow from 11am to 12noon. Event includes light fare, wine, and raffle (including a free 4 day pass to Wanderlust -a $495 value). All proceeds go to One Heart World-Wide and Seva benefiting Nepal! Here Lisa writes of her inspiration:

As a Wayfarer for Wanderlust I was tasked to host a yoga, pre-Wanderlust themed event. At first this task seemed extremely daunting because I am not a yoga teacher and an unknown in the Santa Cruz yoga community. However, I am person who is passionate about yoga and have enjoyed my time up in Squaw at past Wanderlust Festivals. What is a girl to do? Then, I went down to LA for a Wanderlust 108 5k, yoga, meditation event. This is where things really got put into motion. MC Yogi was one of the teachers and he spoke of a movement within the yoga community to unite and raise funds for the earthquake victims of Nepal.

This really spoke to me because I am also very active in a local chapter of an organization called Dining for Women. Dining for Women ( is a global giving circle that funds grassroots programs working in developing countries inspiring, educating and engaging people to invest in grassroots programs who are making a meaningful difference for women and girls living in extreme poverty in developing countries.

Now, how do I get people to come together to do yoga and raise funds for Nepal when, again, I am not a yoga teacher? I also wondered how I could reach out to yogis and non-yogis alike for a successful event.  I was contemplating this quandary with a friend one weekend while wine tasting and the biggest light bulb went off: yoga, wine, fundraising- brilliant! Now I had to find a yoga teacher and a winery. Since finding Pleasure Point Yoga, via Janet Stone at my first Wanderlust Festival, I have spent my early mornings with Aimee Joy Nitzberg. She has opened up a new path of yoga to me and I am forever grateful.  The beauty and space at Hallcrest Vineyards was the first place that came to mind when this idea occurred. The generosity and support from the owners Lorraine and John helped seal this event into place.

For those who do not know, Wanderlust Festivals bring together a remarkable group of yoga and meditation instructors, musical performers, speakers, artists and chefs for transformational retreats in the world’s most awe-inspiring places. This is an experience that gets into your mind, body and soul. The core mission ofWanderlust is to create community around mindful living which is a conscious, value-based approach to leading a sane & healthy life. This event will focus on a few of Wanderlust simple principles: Practice Yoga – Practicing yoga helps clear the mind, tone the body, and heal the spirit. Aimee Joy Nitzberg will lead us through an outdoor yoga experience in the beautiful Santa Cruz Mountains. Eat (and Drink) Well – We are what we eat.  The best way to support local community is to support local farms and purchase organic, sustainably grown products whenever possible. Plan to come for the yoga but stay for the wonderful Hallcrest and Organic Wine Works wine. Create Awareness – There are many challenges facing us today, but none as big as those faced by the people currently living in Nepal. On April 25th 2015, a 7.8 magnitude earthquake struck Nepal with a 7.3 magnitude aftershock on May 12.  While the media has come and gone, there is still a lot of needed help. All proceeds from this event will be donated to One Heart World-Wide ( and Seva (, two mindful organizations doing amazing things for the people of Nepal.

Part of this fundraiser is due to the generosity of the community. There will be great raffle prizes at this event from local businesses, including a four day pass to Wanderlust Squaw, July 16 – 19, 2015 (a $495 value).