Everyday Extraordinary: Spring!

Everyday Extraordinary: Spring!
By: Jessie Hess


At the yoga studio- in any class during any season- you will hear the teachers use an abundance of nature based words: Cultivate, grounding, growing, sowing, seed, blossom. These words are used to help transform how students feel by linking their physical bodies with the energy bodies; overtime, discovering a greater insight into becoming more spacious and working with new found flexibility and strength. From strong rooting actions in the feet (and sometimes hands!) we are able to grow, lengthen and extend toward the sky. Similarly we use steady, grounded effort to cultivate heart opening back bending practices to allow the heart to bravely blossom open feeling each extraordinary moment as it passes. As Yogis, we are tuning our senses in to our physical and energetic bodies. Over time, increased sensitivity allows us to be more connected to both inner and outer worlds and ultimately the oneness of the two.
The season of Spring is a beautiful time to use our 5 senses in nature. We witness the very same qualities we hear about again and again in the yoga studio. Just stepping outside my front door in the early morning, I HEAR more activity from the birds as they arise with the sun (and some even earlier – that would be you Mockingbird!) , I SMELL a multitude of sweet blossoms mixing in the morning air, SEE rapid changes as my trees begin to bud, flower and leaf out, I TASTE the sweet and savory from my herb garden that is booming with production from spring rain and sun and I FEEL the hum of growth even in my humble front yard. Everywhere there is evidence of new beginnings arising from what has passed. new growth from rooting strength gives way to blossoming from somewhere hidden and deep within.

It is easy to feel separate from all this spring time activity – that we run on a different schedule. When we are able to slow down a bit: we see that our bodies (both physical & energetic) are governed by the pulse of nature. That, we are no different than the flora and fauna around us awakening with the spring season. Stepping onto the mat gives us a chance to come into tune with the growth and change in our own system while spending time in nature gives us a chance to remember that we are one whole living system ebbing and flowing together. The more we practice, the greater the experience! And In this way our everyday becomes more and more extraordinary.

(photo #1: Holland Seydel)