Satsang: Exploring the Yamas (Ethical Rules) and Niyamas (Personal Conduct Practices) Ahimsa – by Mike McGhee Ahimsa commonly translates as “non-violence”, it leads the list of Yamas. Himsa being the opposite of Ahmisa,  means violence. The Yoga Sutra of Patanjali states “all hostilities are given up in the presence of one who is firmly established in non-violence.” The interpretation goes on to say, “that if one attains perfection in non-violence anyone that even comes near that yogi becomes free from […]

Satsang: for community & truth.

Satsang: for community & truth. By: Sherry Cassedy Monday morning just after the sun has cleared the horizon, I make the short walk to the studio. I notice the sunrise, whether it is muted by heavy overcast or striated with brilliant color across the morning sky. I reflect on its constancy and variation and will bring that to our morning offering. I turn the key in the simple lock and step into the warmth and calm light of Pleasure Point […]