Carissa Nations :

Carissa, a native Californian, born on the summer solstice, loves sharing a warm smile with
those around her as she experiences life.
Carissa is an intermediate yoga trapeze instructor, and with gratitude and much delight, she is
sharing her enthusiasm for the trapeze at the PPY Movement Studio.
Yoga trapeze is a healing modality. It helps build a strong mind/body foundation and creates
connectivity when experienced alongside friends.
This posterior-chain strengthening class focuses on joint mobility and inversion therapy.
Through these practices, the vertebrae gain space, relieving compacted discs. The upside-down
effect relaxes the vagus nerve, enhancing the parasympathetic system. But don’t get too
relaxed! Yoga trapeze also uplifts and challenges you!
Come to a class for a multifaceted interpersonal, but yet personal, yoga experience with focus
points on alignment, breath flow, joint fluidity, and lengthening.

Practice is everything!