Megdalen Edwards :

Meet Pearlescent Moon, a passionate lover of music and movement who has been dedicated to the art of pole dancing for over two years. Specializing in pole foundations and level one and two tricks, Pearlescent Moon has graced stages throughout the Bay Area, captivating audiences at events like Folsom Pre-show, The Gay Agenda, What is Erotic?, and more.

Devoted to creating inclusive learning environments, Pearlescent Moon is committed to fostering community connections in their pole classes. Currently pursuing level one and two training certifications, Pearlescent Moon is on a continuous journey of growth and expertise.

In the spirit of making learning engaging, Pearlescent Moon looks forward to infusing every lesson with fun and excitement. Beyond the studio, their passion for pole extends into storytelling through dance, showcasing dramatic acts crafted on the pole.

While completing a triple major in Politics, Legal Studies, and Community Studies at UC Santa Cruz, Pearlescent Moon brings an intellectual perspective to pole dancing. This academic background, combined with a dedication to inclusivity, adds depth to the learning experience.

Join Pearlescent Moon on this exciting journey of self-expression and movement. Stay updated on classes and performances by following them on social media (@pearlescentmoon8) for an inside look into the vibrant world of pole dancing with Pearlescent Moon.