Nikki Dance

As an avid pole dancer and fitness enthusiast, Nikki has found her passion and artistry through pole dance. She loves to seamlessly combine strength, grace, and creativity into her unique style of pole dancing.

From the moment she first gripped the pole, Nikki knew she had discovered something truly special. What began as a form of exercise quickly transformed into a profound form of self-expression and empowerment. Through every spin, twist, and climb, she found liberation in the fluidity of movement and the exhilarating rush of defying gravity.

In her classes, you’ll build and hone foundational pole skills around strength, flexibility, and technique. As a certified XPERT instructor, she strives to create a welcoming and inclusive environment where students of all levels can discover their own strength, confidence, and artistic expression. She aims to promote body positivity, and inspire others to embrace their unique beauty and potential.

Join Nikki as she invites you to embrace your inner strength and dance to the rhythm of your own heartbeat. Find Nikki on Instagram at @nopantzdance!